Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Desperate Attempt at Tackling this Crazy Sleep Training Thing

I was so desperate the other morning that I got online and started trying to google a local "baby whisperer" (in the Baby Whisperer book, Tracy Hogg gives lots of examples of families she helped--I want to be one of those families!!). I was so desperate and fed up that I decided that I was ready to pay someone else to help me sleep train Hannah no matter what the cost. Well, as it turns out, cost does matter...I couldn't find anybody local but did end up back on the Sleep Lady's website which someone (maybe Jess??) sent to me a couple months ago, before I was super desperate.  She charges like $300 for a 1 hour phone consult...So okay, maybe the cost does matter....Forget hiring a baby whisperer, how about ANOTHER book instead?? Sleep Lady was running a special on her two books (both signed, not that it matters) 52 Sleep Secrets for Babies and Good Night, Sleep Tight for $20.  That's a little closer to my price range.  They arrived the next day (yesterday) (and shipping was free--gotta love that!) but I haven't cracked 'em open yet...I have to be honest, I'm a bit skeptical. I feel as if I've read everything on the topic and can't imagine finding any new information, but my fingers are crossed!  Joel (Hannah's uncle) was flipping through the one last night and found some info on infant yoga so he dictated some of the moves to Eric while I sat by giggling silently and attempting to finish Hannah's stocking.  Then I wondered out loud if there were any of these Itsy Bitsy Yoga classes in our area.  Before I knew what he was doing, Joel had pulled up the website and found classes right up the street from us at Evolve Well Studios.  A 6-week session is $108 (meets once a week) which is a little pricey, but I budget $100/month for Hannah and seldom use it since we use cloth diapers and boobs so I think we're gonna sign up.  I'm eager to start "mommy and me" classes with her anyway--gets us out of the house and doing an activity!! The only problem is that classes are at 11:00 on Mondays and since Hannah has no regular schedule, I'm not sure how to fit this in on a regular basis.  I don't want to waste a class on her screaming from being tired (oh yeah, and I don't want to torture my child by forcing her to do yoga while exhaused :) it looks like it's time to try to force her (gently) into a little bit of a schedule...Hoping that the Sleep Lady has some good advice regarding that.  Better start reading now...this one book is pretty dang thick!!!

Oh yeah, Happy New Year!!!

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