Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stockings and Hickeys

I put the stocking aside for a couple of days but had to break it back out again so I could finish it and pack it with the rest of the Christmas stuff (we toook the tree down yesterday).  I never did figure out how to perfect the instep...and wasn't sure what to do with the toe either so I just sorta closed it came out a little weird as a result.  Oh well, I'm ready for a new crochet project.

As for the "hickey" referenced in the title...Hannah has started to get a really good suction on my collarbone, neck, cheek, whatever she can grab when she's fussy and getting ready to go to sleep.  A few days ago I joked to Eric that she was going to give me a hickey with that suction and sure enough, yesterday she did.  So now I'm too embarrassed to leave the house, which is just as well since it's below freezing out there--no reason to leave.  The hickey is kinda hard to see in this pic (it's actually pretty terrible looking), but here it is anyway.

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