Sunday, January 24, 2010

Resolutions and Rice

Guess who's back on the rock!! I mean, er, the wall, but whatever, wahooooooo!!! After a year plus hiatus from climbing, I got back in my harness yesterday (actually it was a borrowed harness since mine has gone missing).   About a week ago I came up with some resolutions for the new year, all of which are based around my own personal quest for sanity.  They are:

1.  Practice yoga at least 1/week
2. Climb at least 1/month
3.  Attend a group/class meditation 1/month

I tried to make them realistic and doable.  I seriously doubt I could find the time or funds to climb once a week, but once a month is definitely possible.  Yesterday was awesome. Earth Treks has a whole new wall since the last time I was there and got some new tables and paint on the walls so it was like a whole new place.  I was worried that my shoes would be hard and frozen from being kept in the garage for the last couple of months (they weren't) and also that I would be physically incapable of completing even the simplest climbs (I wasn't).  I was more capable than I expected after such a long hiatus which was a much-needed boost to my esteem.  It was nice to be out and chatting it up with Brandy for a couple hours, and since I left right after Hannah had woken up and eaten, I only left Eric with one activity period (about an hour and a half of her being awake). I was back before she woke up from the nap he put her down for.

When I got back, I had enough time to scarf some food and sit down for a bit before my dad and his girlfriend showed up.  Of course my dad jokingly tried to sneak upstairs to wake up Hannah.  This is a running joke between us because a couple months ago he mentioned something about stopping by Chip's house and waking up Clay to visit. I interrupted with, "he lets you wake Clay up????"  Dad seemed a bit taken aback.  "Well, yeah, why wouldn't he?"  I told him he better enjoy that privilege at Chip's because there was no wway in H-E-doble hockey sticks that I'd ever let him wake up Hannah; I don't care how far he drove to see her.  So now he picks on me and pretends he's gonna wake her up.  Eventually she woke up on her own (after taking an AWESOME 2 1/2 hour nap) and he got to feed her lunch.

Yesterday was Hannah's 2-week anniversary for eating solid foods which meant that she got to try something other than sweet potatoes.  So pollsters, oatmeal clearly won, buuuutttt you know how I told you last week that I'd made some rice and frozen it and that I hadn't gotten around to buying steel cut oats for oatmeal yet?  Welllllll I still haven't been to the grocery store (it's on my to do list for today because the fridge is empty except for a tupperware container full of moldy pineapple) and since the rice was already made and frozen into individual cubes, AND since I figured that all of you who voted for oatmeal probably would have also voted for rice cereal and in fact, may have even preferred that option since it is a more traditional option, AND since Laura told me that because oat grows close to wheat, most oats are contaminated with gluten unless you buy a special kind that promises not to be and since a ton of people have intolerances for gluten...well, after considering all of those factors (but mostly focusing just on the convenience of the already made rice), I opted for rice.  I feel bad for choosing something not even on the poll and am going to find a way to make it up to you....The fact is, I should have done more research before starting that poll--I just pulled those foods out of The Baby Whisperer book. Those were some of the first foods she suggested giving baby.  But enough rambling, on to the cute pics of Pappy feeding Hannah her first bites of rice!

(The spoon pictured below is actually a 1 TB measuring spoon that she likes to play with--don't worry, I don't try to feed her with that gigantic thing.)

Here's what I don't like about rice: the stickiness factor.  I was picking dried flakes off her cheeks, hands, and elbows for the rest of the day despite a thorough post-lunch wipe down.  She seemed to like it though and never made any of those "ewwww! gross!!" faces that she made after the first couple bites of sweet potato.

After lunch, we settled in on the couch for some playtime.

And then Eric came out from behind his computer where he was attempting productivity and grabbed his guitar to join in the fun. 

This balancing act is how Hannah tones and strengthens her core. (Eric has taken to performing this stunt quite often--he gets a big kick out of it.)

That's the first part of yesterday in a nutshell.  The second part, which consisted of Hannah and I helping Terrill make cookies for the women's shelter she volunteers for, didn't get captured on film :( bummer.

In retrospect, yesterday was a dang good day!! Oh, and bedtime was perfect!!! No fussing at all, not while getting her in her pajamas and not when I laid her down to sleep.  That's the second time (not in a row obviously) that she went to sleep without a peep. AND, after a brief wake-up at 10:15, she slept straight through till 6:45.  Amazing.  Totally amazing. Good stuff.


  1. Love the picts. Love, love the guitar one and the one where Eric is balancing Hannah. Fun! Thanks for the post. We have been missing you Eric, Teri, and Hannah. We went to visit our two babies here in the neighborhood today. Elliot and Luka. Thay are so fun, I teased Maria about taking them to TN with us, which of coarse isn't happening. :) Miss you Hanna Banana!

  2. i'm so jealous that you made it to the gym. (also jealous of the sleeping baby, and food loving baby and of the x-mas present of a blender). I too am determined to get some of my adult life back and need to climb soon. It might have to wait a few weeks though... ben has the weekends full due to a blacksmithing job he just got and i'm using my "get out of jail free" card on an acroyoga workshop in the city on the 5th. But after that definitely!


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