Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just More Boring Text

I've gotta take some more pics...I've been so focused on sleep training that my camera is getting dusty.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I have some video on the other camera from December that I need to upload....Maybe there's something cute on there.

But since I'm living and breathing sleep training, my blog is doing the same.  So I'm gonna pick up where I left off.....

Tuesday bedtime was good again--15-20 minutes of minor fussing before dropping off to sleep.  So far that habit of screaming for 2-3 hours during bedtime every night was pretty easy to break (knocking heavily on wood).  She woke up around 2ish that night and I stuck to my guns again and just patted and shushed for about 40 minutes like I did the night before when she woke up at 5ish.  It was exhausting, and I really wanted to just quit (I could have nursed her and been asleep again within 20 minutes...), but I sucked it up.  She then slept till around 6:15 which meant that I only got about two 3-hour stints of sleep so when she went down for a nap at 8:00, I crawled back into bed with Eric.  She took a good morning nap (nearly 2 hours), and then took an okay second nap (1 hour), and then catnapped the rest of the day. 

Bedtime last night was the same wonderful deal that it has been and this time, since Eric decided to go next door for some guy time, I decided to go to bed shortly after Hannah.  She fell asleep at 8:30 at which point I did my stretches, brushed my teeth, and jumped into bed with a book with every intention of getting a really good night of sleep. I had lights out at 9:30 but then woke up when Eric came in at 10:30, and then Hannah woke up around 11.  Ugh.  Those nights that she wakes up within an hour of me falling asleep are always the hardest.  That's when I have no patience.  Fortunately, Eric roused himself from in front of the TV and took my patting and shushing station and I went back to bed.  She slept through the night after that and started stirring in her crib at 5:55 but didn't yell for me till 6:15.  So that's 3 days in a row of waking up around 6:15. I liked the 7ish wake-up time better, but since everything else has improved, no complaints.

This sleep training/night time weaning is tiring and hard to stick to but if all goes as planned, I'll be sleeping through the night again in no least until she starts teething.

I'll try to see what's on that other camera sometime today and maybe upload some visuals as I'm sure you're all getting tired of my sleep training updates.

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