Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Pics

I'm too tired for an update--rough night--but here are some random pics:

After "eating" some sweet potatoes (which she hasn't eaten in 2 days because she got constipated).

Wearing what I think is a super cute outfit.  We got this long sleeve onesie at the Gap when we went to the mall to return my pants a couple weeks ago. We'd  never been baby clothes shopping and decided to check into a couple stores while we were there.  This onesie was on the sale rack for $4 so we grabbed it. It's got a cute little owl on it which made me think of Libby since she loves owls.  Also, I must admit, Baby Gap has a new spring line called Pop Shop that I'm in love with. If it weren't so silly to pay the sticker prices for clothes that will only be worn for a few months, I would go to town shopping for Hannah.  I am particularly drawn to the pear stuff like this shirt and this thing they're calling a crawler skirt...who knew pears could be so dang cute?


  1. You are tempting me with the Popshop clothes. Love the little pear shirt and crawler skirts. I can see Hannah in those. I found a few outfits on the clearance rack at Meijers and those will be arriving there early next week. Cute but not as cute as the Gap stuff though. Cute baby Hannah. Sweet Potates constipated her? Hummm.

  2. Not sure if it was the sweet potatoes that constipated her or something I ate, but figured I'd eliminate the sweet potatoes since that was easy to do and very well might have the been the problem....

    Yah for new clothes for Hannah! Thank's Grannah!


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