Thursday, May 27, 2010

WWE: Hannah Vs. Baby Doll

There was a rare moment yesterday after nursing Hannah when I flopped onto my back on the couch and Hannah sat beside me and played with the baby doll that Grammy gave her.  I held the camera out away from us (to get some distance) and snapped some pics, and because of that, the following pictures aren't framed carefully, and some are a little blurry, which means the composition is a bit more abstract than is usual for me.  When I was taking them I just figured I'd crop them into traditional compositions, but then I decided not to because as it turns out, I kinda like them.....

Lately Hannah loves rough housing and wrestling with her dad, and she seems to imitate that dynamic with her baby.  So here she is getting ready to body slam her baby (oh, and I did crop this one):

Pinned! Baby is down for the count.

The below pic looks like Hannah is giving the baby a zerbert, but it's more like she's eating the baby, but in a good way. Does that make sense?? Hmmm...How to 'splain...I do the fake monster "I'm gonna eat you" thing with Hannah all the time. I mean, I don't say, I'm gonna eat you, I just pretend to eat her.  It makes her laugh, and she often does it back to me which is super funny and makes me laugh.  I wanted to call this post Zombie Baby on the Loose but Eric wouldn't let me. He has a love-hate relationship with zombies in that he loves to hate them. He is so afraid of them that one of the first things he did when he moved here was to scope out a safety zone where we can all hide in case of a zombie attack (the school down the street because it is brick and has few windows).  BUT, most people who are afraid of stuff avoid said stuff, right? So like, if you don't like spiders, you steer clear. Well, granted Eric isn't hanging out with actual zombies since there's no such thing, but he has probably seen every zombie movie ever made.  He watches them constantly. That's why I say it's a love-hate relationship.  Obsessed much???  Anyway, because of his extreme aversion for zombies, I like to pick on him by calling Hannah a zombie when she pretends to eat me. It creeps him out, and I think that's funny. 

Back to Hannah: You know what other zombie-esque thing she's been doing lately? Have I mentioned that she's learned to nurse while on all fours?  It's crazy.  So I'll be nursing her in the morning, and I told you how I take her back to bed with us so we can wake up slowly, well, she'll get all antsy mid nurse and crawl over to Eric to say good morning, and then she'll crawl back over to me and just lean down like an animal and start nursing. It's totally weird.  It's like she's feeding on me like a vampire or a wild animal...Man, hanging out with Eric has really warped me....I never watched creepy crap that starred vampires and zombies before he came along, and I try not to watch any of it now but sometimes it's hard to avoid since that seems to be all he ever watches...And now I'm referring to my adorable little sunshine of a munchkin daughter as a zombie and a vampire.  Sheesh!!!

Yikes. That was quit the digression...The point is, Hannah is absolutely hysterical. See?


  1. Hannah and her baby doll so cute though! except I am a little scared of the last one - i think she should stop watching zombie movies! and I'm now putting zombies on my list of things wrong with this world to talk to Eric about when I get home

  2. hahaha!!! I just read this to Eric and he laughed--he loves the world-changing talks you guys have!! haha!

    Also, I think Hannah needs a truck to offset the possible girl-ifying effects of this baby doll....

  3. I'm glad she relates to the doll. That's why every child (boy and girl) should have one at some point in their infancy.

  4. Asa likes to poke out the baby dolls eyes... and this morning he tried poking out my eyes... not good.

    I used to play this game with the kids when they were very little where i'd put my mouth close to theirs and inhale. They thought it was really funny... and i think it dried out their mouth a little so they made weird faces... But to freak people out i'd say "I'm going to suck out your soul!!"

    I know, creepy, right?

    sigh... i can't seem to keep the violent creepiness from seeping out.

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  6. I love the "nursing like a wild animal!" Jasper and I are having issues due to his preemie-ness and stories like this just make me more determined to not give up!

  7. Libby!! I used to do that when kissing someone--haha!!!

    Awww Brooke!! Yes, don't give up! It's such a cool experience. I'm sending some good nursing vibes your way!! Good luck!!


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