Monday, May 17, 2010

Breaking News!

I'm busily editing the 78 pictures I took while in Hagerstown on Sunday and will post a few of them eventually, but in the meantime, we've got breaking news:  Tonight we asked Hannah to touch her nose, and she did!!!!!

Here's the back story: She has this Baby Einstein bath time book called Mimi's Toes that Eric reads to her almost every night in the tub.  The repeated verse on each page is "See Mama wash Mimi from her feet to her nose, then come back and tickle Mimi's toes."  When I read it to her, I act it out, and I guess Eric does too though I'm normally folding diapers or something when he's bathing her so I don't know.  So tonight after bath, I was trying to distract her while Eric was getting her diaper on (otherwise we end up with diaper rash cream all over the place and a perpetually naked baby), and I was holding the baby doll that Grammy got for her this weekend (her first doll with plastic limbs!) and I started saying singing "toes to the nose" (a baby yoga move) and using the doll to illustrate and then "see baby touch her nose!"  Then I did "see mama touch her nose" and I touched my nose, and then it was Eric's turn, and then I sang "see Hannah touch her nose, can you touch your nose?" and she did!!!!!!!  It was so cool.

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