Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Because I Felt Like Posting Some Pics

Hannah got her stitch removed today!  The bruises are fading a bit, and the laceration is all scabbed over. It's crazy how fast we heal especially given the trauma involved when first hurt. I took some photos of her when we got back from the pediatrician just because. We were winding down from our morning with some books on the couch.  That's our usual after lunch/pre nap routine.

Her hair has gotten so long lately!  I was scanning through my Picasa albums earlier today and am shocked how much shorter it was even as late as August.  I think I forgot to mention this, but I cut it a couple of weeks ago, just a little around the back to try to even it up. It was getting really shaggy looking. I'd like to cut it even shorter in the back, just in an effort to start getting it all at the same length, but she didn't sit still the first time so I'm afraid to try again.  After a few different attempts spread out over the course of the week I eventually got it to look mostly straight to the average eye, but it wasn't easy. Maybe if I sat her down in front of the TV??

Oh yah, and did you notice the new domain name?? I broke down and bought my own! Woohoooo!  It looks like some of my sidebar widgets got screwed up in the transition which stinks because I don't see myself making the time to fix them anytime soon...


  1. Screams!! How adorable. Your a brave Mama, attempting to cut her hair. :)

  2. Nice work on the domain change!


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