Friday, December 17, 2010

That Gross White Stuff That Fell Out of the Sky Yesterday

I took Hannah out back yesterday after the snow had been falling for close to an hour to show her the crazy-pretty-amazing white stuff falling from the sky.  We've been reading Frosty the Snowman lately, but I'm guessing she doesn't remember all the crazy snow we had last year and therefore has no frame of reference for what a snowman is.  As it turns out, she doesn't care.  I don't know if she found the snow underwhelming in and of itself, or if it just took an extreme back seat to the squirrel who had piled up some nuts on one of our fence posts and was busily chowing down during our snow show.  The snow also took a back seat to the flock of pigeons that flew back and forth between the rooftop of the house across the alley and a nearby telephone wire.

Eventually the squirrel ran off down the alley, and the pigeons stopped flocking, and I conned Hannah into putting her finger in the snow that had started piling up on the porch railing.  Enter disgust.  She looked at me like, "Ugh! Mom get this off me!" I'd say that her reaction was similar to what it would be if she'd stuck her finger in some poop, but she's done that and not been too bothered by it...So snow is to her what poop is to most people.  I dried the offensive snow from her finger and took her back inside to avoid and ignore the disgusting cold stuff that was falling from the sky. 

I did manage to talk her into taking her snow boots for a test drive today, and she actually enjoyed stomping around in the small snow piles until she noticed that some snow had made it's way to the tops of her boots and wasn't budging.  Once again she looked at me desperately, this time while waving her perfectly straightened pointer finger at her snow-covered boots.  Sigh.   

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