Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Birthday Party

Hannah went to her first birthday party yesterday.  Her friend Kylie turned 1 last week, and Kylie's parents threw a big ol' shindig that was lots of fun! Unfortunately, the camera was acting up.  Pushing the take picture button resulted in....nothing. No picture. Since that button was also not auto focusing, I thought there might be a problem with the lens so I removed it and replaced it, and that sorta helped, but it's still going in and out and only working sporadically. I'm guessing it's time to put the camera out of Hannah's reach....Maybe she dropped it a few too many times.   Anyway, I was able to salvage the following few pics.

First, Hannah and the birthday girl in a wagon.

The birthday girl digs into her first cake. Yumm!!

In other news, our deck is almost finished.  We bought some great wind chimes yesterday, and today we bought six new herbs at the farmer's market.  Eric installed two window boxes on the edge of the deck for the herbs so now all I have to do when I need a snip of oregano is walk right out the back door and snip it! I love it. I also love it that we have window boxes with herbs rather than flowers--I like how it's functional and still beautiful, but in a unique way.  We also have 6 other herbs in some pots on the patio, so when I need basil or cilantro, I have to walk down the steps for a snip.  I should have taken some pictures...Maybe I will tomorrow. Today I just got some shots of Hannah making a mess of the herbs before Eric planted them.

(Those are the tomato plants.)

I'm finding myself wordless these days, less verbose....Life is good, and there is little to say.


  1. You used to love to play in dirt too. And, of course, so did I.

  2. AWWWWW!!! Thanks for posting those! :) somehow, BOTH of our cameras were MIA until the cake came out, we got very few pics of the actual cake eating or any of the party goers - I'm SO glad you guys had fun !! The party was a complete success, Kylie had a blast - and I'm pretty sure it was the cake - she ended up staying up till 10pm that night !! - no more sugar until Birthday #2 - *(yah, right!)*


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