Monday, May 24, 2010

In the Closet

Hannah's new favorite play place is our closet. She often initiates stair climbing and when she gets to the top, she hangs a hard left into our bedroom and makes a beeline for my clothes which hang close to the floor and provide a place to swing, hide, and play peek-a-boo.  I keep trying to get video of it but it's not working out, both because the space is kinda narrow and doesn't leave enough space and also because when that camera flash starts flashing, Hannah forgets about the clothes and lunges for the camera.  The best I could do is the video below which Eric is not a fan of since it shows his upper left shoulder unclothed and he hates his upper left shoulder.  Kidding, kidding: He doesn't have a favorite shoulder. But he is a little embarrassed about being on video with his shirt off.  I assured him that the majority of my readers wouldn't be offended by his bare naked shoulder.  As for why he's topless, well, in addition to beelining for the closet every time she summits the staircase, Hannah has also made it her first stop every morning every nursing.  While Eric and I are still shaking the sleep boogers out of our eyes, she's already chugged her breakfast, repelled herself off his side of the bed, and sprinted to the closet.  This morning Eric stumbled out after her and laid on the floor in the closet to play a rather passive peek-a-boo partner.  This was literally a stumble and did not include a pit stop at the dresser to grab a shirt, hence the shoulder nudity.

When peek-a-boo gets boring (because all the clothes have been torn from their hangers and are laying on the floor), Hannah heads for the mirrors at the back of the closet. Hanging those mirrors has been on the to do list for a couple of months now, along with vacuum the stairs and weed the sidewalk cracks, neither of which seems to make it to the priority position.  The rather lengthy video linked below is Hannah playing with reflection.  Notice the tongue waggle; she's been doing that pretty constantly for a couple of weeks now. I think it's hysterical.


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