Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Step Ladder to Heaven

It's possible that I am overestimating Hannah's current communication skills (no repeat on the nose touching), but I'm pretty sure that she said "da da" this morning. After her first nursing today, she crawled over to Eric's empty side and said "da!" then after a pause "da!"  So maybe she was just doing her baby babble and wasn't saying the name of the guy who is usually laying there when she finishes nursing in the morning, but even if that's the case, her use of the consonant "d" has been pretty rare so that verbal development alone is exciting.

Another rare moment is pictured below.  Hannah sat still for at least 20 minutes while Eric read book after book to her on Monday. It was really cute.  For all you other parents out there who think, "big deal,  my kids snuggles up with daddy to read all the time," well, my kid doesn't.  Granted, she's been more into books lately and into turning the pages and she'll let you read a few pages, sometimes even a whole book before she pushes it aside and continues trying to scale the walls, so to see her sitting still like that with him was just awesome.  

Mmmmm....fresh bread.

Her eyes are a teeny bit bigger than her stomach.

Another thing Hannah learned to do today: climb a step ladder by herself....Like I said, she's trying to scale the walls.  Rather than pull her down, I moved the ladder so it was next to where I was chopping vegetables and kept one eye on her and one on my rapidly moving knife.  Somehow, I didn't lose a finger and she didn't fall.  So this is what Eric saw when he came home from work today:

The color setting was a little screwed up on this one but I like the smiles too much not to include it.


  1. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing the moments. How did Hannah get down the ladder?

  2. We helped her down. She hasn't figured out how to get down anything yet, but it's something I've been meaning to work on, for safety's sake.

  3. she so big in one month!! so smart too - of course she loves reading! what is her favorite book?

  4. She likes Goodnight Gorilla best. There are hardly any words, but she stares at the pictures and laughs. It's really cute! She also really likes her Touch and Feel Baby Animals book.

  5. so cute she loves little gorillas! that means she wants to go to rwanda ;)

  6. you are a nut!!! and i love you and can't wait for you to come home!!!


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