Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pretty Poop

Hannah had the prettiest poop today!  I started feeding her beets yesterday and gave them to her twice, so I figured her poops would be pretty. The world would be a much prettier place if all poops were magenta.  If I were president, I would make everyone eat more beets in an effort to beautify the place.  She definitely recognized the pretty color while eating them--I've never seen her stare at or play with her food so much.  The mess was pretty epic.  The highchair is permanently stained....Hopefully outfits are not.  Our dryer is broken so I can't do any emergency laundry....

In less gross news, Hannah is starting to express an eensy teensy bit of interest in books. Yesterday I was reading I Love You Stinky Face before nap and instead of grabbing it and shoving it into her mouth, she stared at the pictures and patted the pages.  Wahooo!!!

And finally, in other "wahooo" news, hubby got a job in this area so we'll be staying around here!!!!!!!!  Wahooooo!!!!! That means we get to raise Hannah around our community, which is something I always wanted for my children since I didn't have much of one growing up.  This combined with the fact that after 3 days of cleaning (inspired by my Mary Magdalen-esque and life-saving neighbor, MC, who cleaned our basement, including the bathroom down there, when I ended up at her house in tears on Monday morning), my house is almost clean.  The only thing I still have to do is the floors which I'll tackle tomorrow morning. WHEW!!!  I love a nice clean house.  So yeah, a good day.


  1. OH MY FREAKIN' GOD!!! I'M SO ABSOLUTELY EXCITED I COULD POOP MAGENTA TOO!!! I'm sooooo glad you are staying. And in other news, we're eating beets here too. Though, Asa does not seem as into them as Hannah. He likes to chew them and then spit them out... maybe i need to cook them longer...

  2. She is now to the stage in eating where you need to invest in a few large bibs with pockets.
    Small bibs are just for drooling.

  3. Hahaha!!!! That could be the next big catch phrase...I'm totally gonna use it from now!

    Hannah is def very into the beets! Both gobbling and playing with. I haven't given 'em to her straight though. The first time I gave her a carrot/beet combo, then the second time it was beets, quinoa, and apple. Then the third time (which she REALLY loved) was beets and sweet potato.

  4. That bib is the biggest Target has and it does have a pocket....if you see one that is bigger and better, please feel free to buy it!!


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