Monday, March 1, 2010

Caught in the Act

Remember that story I told you last week I think about how Eric found Hannah sitting up in her crib?  It happened again today and this time, I got to see it!  Sorta.  She woke up from a great afternoon nap, and I watched her roll around for a second before shimmying over to the edge of the crib, pushing up to table top position, reaching up for the crib rail, and pulling herself up onto her knees.  The whole thing took like 30 seconds.  It was crazy how easy she made it look....and strange that if it really is that easy for her, that she hasn't done it more.  Anyway, after watching all this through the video monitor I grabbed the camera and ran upstairs.

Oh, and see that aquarium type thing hooked to the head of her crib?  She figured out how to turn it on and off after her morning nap. I watched her do that through the video monitor too. Big day!


  1. Muaww, Hannah.
    Love the pictures, Terri.
    Eric, I second that your daughter is brilliant (buzz).


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