Sunday, March 14, 2010

Karma Squared

Hannah started babbling on Friday. I was feeding her lunch and instead of her usual squealing and grunting, she started going "mumumumumuh." I interpreted that as "mama" and yelled for Eric to come downstairs and listen.  Lucky for me, she repeated it again (but has not repeated that consonant/vowel combo since). He immediately upped his efforts in the "dadadada" campaign.  I assured him that I haven't won yet since it doesn't really count until she can both control her voice box and understand WHAT she's saying.  So anyway, the weekend has been a constant babbling of fun new baby sounds and zerberts and of course, the usual squeals and grunts and screams.

Sleeping took an interesting turn when I awoke at 2:00 a.m. last night to find her standing in her crib....Sigh. Up until now I was complaining about how nap times were quickly becoming extinct with her new standing power, but I was grateful that she was at least still sleeping through the night. Hopefully last night was a fluke.  As far as naps are concerned, I'm waffling between being a lazy mom and saying, "Whatever, don't nap then. No skin off my back," and being the overachiever mom (more my OCD style) that re-reads the books I've collected on the subject and begins the re-training process complete with Team Kellogg t-shirts and cheerleaders standing by to cheer me on when I start nearing the finish line but am so exhausted that I think I might throw in the towel.  Which side will win out....This morning the lazy side won out but I have a good reason: I had no idea that today was the day we lose an hour.  So I put her in her crib at what I thought was 9:00 and about a half hour later I looked at the cable box and it said 10:40.  I did the classic double-take, wiped my eyes, and then checked my computer.  Then it dawned on me that it was that time of year. Since I don't leave the house often, I didn't overhear anyone talking about this year and I never once thought about it.  So since nap time is supposed to be from about 9ish to 10:30ish and since she was still standing up screaming at 10:45, I decided to call off the morning nap.  Then at noon she fell asleep nursing....Not bad though. Afternoon nap is usually at 1:00 so falling asleep at 12:00 isn't too far off. No skin off my back...

Since she's gotten so big so fast, sometimes I forget that she's actually quite small...So I took this picture of our bathing suits drying together on the back of the bathroom door. I hung them there Monday after swim class and promptly forgot about them until a certain trip to the bathroom left me more in the moment than usual and observing my surroundings.  Crazy thinking about how Hannah will one day fit into a suit my size and be as big as me and having babies and stuff....It trips me out to think about how my mom went through all this a few decades ago, and Hannah will be going through it a few decades from now. Circle of life stuff. Unless, of course, she chooses a different path that does not involve babies which is also fine except that I can see how being a grandma would be a grand role to play, and I would like the opportunity to be one, especially the grandmother of a baby who is every bit as high maintenance as Hannah so I can tell the future mommy Hannah what my mom constantly tells me which is:  "you get what you gave." And I would stifle my chuckles when Hannah came to me complaining about HOW MUCH her daughter screams, but I would put on a sympathetic face and come over to snuggle my screaming grand-baby so that my daughter can take an hour to clean the house (HAH!) or take a nap or go to the gym and the screaming wouldn't stress me out because it wouldn't be MY baby screaming and I wouldn't think that it was ALL MY FAULT and whip myself mercilessly with the bad mommy whip.  And that, my dear readers, is karma squared.


  1. But then again, she could have babies that are fun and easy going (like her dad) and that would be karma something. Heehee!
    You are not a lazy Mom. Give yourself a break from perfection!
    By the way, how was the second swim lesson? Hi Eric, how are you?

  2. If Hannah ends up with easy babies, she's just lucky!

    The second swim class was a ton of fun! There were fewer people there so she was less overwhelmed plus it wasn't at nap time. She loved it and did really well and was flirting with a little boy who kept mimicking her facial expressions (which meant he was mostly just sticking out his tongue). She loved it! We even stayed extra and played for a while. Class number 3 is today!

  3. Hahahah, lucky! That tickeled our funny bones. :)
    I can see Hannah staring at that little boy who mimicked her and sticking her tongue out even further (just kidding).


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