Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hannah the Tourist

We drove down to the Harbor yesterday afternoon in search of a Sprint store so Eric could get his phone fixed, and since it was so nice, I packed some water bottles, a sippy cup for Hannah, and of course, a camera to document Hannah's first tourist experience in her home city.  

Eric took a close-up of the above photo that has a better composition and the advantage of being able to see Hannah's face, but it cuts out the baby legs which for some reason, I feel the need to include.  And also, in the other one, my atrocious posture is way more noticeable.  I have GOT to get back into yoga!! I've started doing the neck jut thingy. Ugh.

When Hannah got tired of the Baby Hawk (and when my shoulders couldn't take it anymore), Eric carried her around.  She stole the straw to his lemonade and was happily chewing it in the photo below.  And yes, it looks weird.  The other two I took were extremely shadowed so I flipped on the flash for this one which bleached them out considerably, but even so, it was the least offensive of the three.

And another far away photo...when Eric got tired of carrying her, we put her in her stroller.  This was taken on one of those cool catwalk things. We found the Sprint store at the end of our trip and needed to cross the street and although there are crosswalks on the street, I prefer the experience of the catwalk so I dragged us all up the urine and puke smelling elevator so we could cross the street from up above and then Eric picked up the stroller and carried it down the stairs on the other side.  A waste of effort? Probably. But it was FUN! Anyway, look, I got a fun photo of Hannah with her dad and her Grannah who is visiting from Michigan.

And here's a random photo from before we left the house.  She was dressed so colorfully and sporting her Michigan ball cap that Grannah brought for her so I had to snap a few.

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