Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Eric's been laid out and bedridden with some crazy cold since Wednesday so we never pulled together any costumes or made it to any of the four Halloween parties we were invited to this weekend.  I picked up a flower costume at the consignment shop a few weeks ago so we dressed up Hannah for the farmer's market this morning.  The farmer's market is our regular Sunday activity, where we go for about 95% of our produce each week and 100% of our dairy. (We still get pork there too, but since we bought a quarter side of beef and 12 chickens from local farms, we won't have to buy meat for quite some time!) I've been meaning to take my camera all summer but wasn't properly motivated until today. Even still, I didn't get any good shots; it was too crowded to get far enough away to take a scene shot so you can't really tell where we are.

Banana flower out in front of our house.
Just after buying honey!  There's Grannah in the background.

After Hannah's nap, Grannah took us all out to dinner on The Avenue where we got front row seats to some really cute trick-or-treaters and some amazing costumes.  So, it was a low key Halloween, but a good one all the same!  Next year we'll have to get more into it, maybe even Hannah into the costume contest on The Avenue.


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