Saturday, October 23, 2010

Her First Shiner

I totally forgot to tell you guys that Hannah has her first black eye, but if you looked closely at the pics from my last post, you might have noticed it yourself. While I have to take full responsibility for her careening down the stairs and also for her burning her hand on the pot that was boiling ravioli (did I tell you about that one??), Eric gets to take responsibility for the black eye.  The story I heard goes like this: They were playing in her room. She bent over to pick something up and while doing so, her butt bumped into something behind her which propelled her forward into her toy chest. It's easier to demonstrate than to describe....but hopefully that description was adequate enough to give you a visual. I haven't taken any new pics since the last post and anyway, it's fading now, but you can see it pretty well in those pics (it really goes with the ensemble, don't you think??) so check it out.

In case I forgot to mention the stove incident, that story goes like this: While I was making pesto, Hannah pulled out the drawer underneath the oven where we keep the cookie tins, stood up on top of the drawer using the oven handle to pull herself up, and laid her palm flat on the side of a pot of boiling water. I saw the whole thing but my reaction time sucked so my scoop up and save was milliseconds too late. I am crediting gymnastics to her quickness, her agility, and her creativity when it comes to climbing up on things (I was very impressed that she thought to use the oven drawer as a stepping stool). She did end up with a small blister on her thumb which was a much better ending that I'd anticipated considering she palmed the pot. After the scoop-up save I frantically attempted to soak her hand in ice water but since I was also holding and comforting her, I only had one hand free to force the soaking, and the kid is strong. She didn't want her hand in that cold water so she fought me with everything she had.  Since she refused the soaking, I thought for sure she'd end up with a giant blister covering her entire hand, but nope.  Oh, and this happened the weekend before the stairs fiasco...

In spite of all this, she's fine. The blister is gone, the black eye is fading, and I never did find any physical (or mental/emotional) sign of her flying experience with the stairs. I, on the other hand, have copious amounts of adrenaline coursing through my bloodstream these days and am finding regular deep breathing an absolute must.  Being responsible for the well being of such a strong, creative, and daring toddler is more fun than just about anything I've ever done, but it's also overwhelmingly stressful. I'm dreading the teen years and have fingers crossed that she retains her super human resiliency.


  1. I wondered what that shadow was.

  2. Just a little "for future reference" note..If she (or you for that matter) ever happen to burn yourself/herself again, don't put it under ice cold water. Run luke warm water over the burn area instead. One thing I learned in working fast food is that if you burn your finger (in my case, with hot grease) and then stick it under ice cold water, it essentially throws the skin into shock because it's gone from scalding hot to ice cold in a matter of seconds. Its usually what makes the blister worse. But if you put it under luke warm, it kind of eases the skin back to a normal temperature. Just throwing that out there, may come in handy :)

  3. Ohhhhh! Good tip Kim! Thanks!! Once when I was younger I dropped my dad's Christmas present (very heavy weights) on my fingers and when I ran them under cold water, it made me faint. I woke up on my dad's bathroom rug with the water running and when I emerged, everyone was like, "What was that thump?" Thanks for checking on me guys!!!

    That was a seemingly irrelevant story...Maybe more than seemingly...Maybe just totally irrelevant but I felt like telling it.

  4. Your dad did the same thing when he ran a drill bit through his thumbnail. He ran it under water to clean it off. Fell over right in the kitchen.


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