Monday, October 25, 2010

Tree Huggers

I wanted to go for a bike ride on Sunday.  The weather here has been amazingly sunny and warm, and I know that any day could be the last one before we get thrown into winter so I'm feeling an extreme urge to suck the marrow out of whatever bits of summer we have left.  The problem with bike riding is that we don't have a kid seat for the bikes yet, and also that we didn't get our bikes out at all this summer so flats are likely.  I thought about heading up to Monkton to rent bikes and take a leisurely ride along the NCR, but it would have cost us nearly $60...So we went to Cylburn Arboretum instead and hugged a couple of trees.  For as close as this place is to our house and as pretty as it is, I can't believe we'd never been there before.

Once we managed to get her off the tree in the photos above (after a lot of kicking and screaming), she found this bench and refused to move from it. I snapped a few pictures and then pulled her away, again kicking and screaming.  I don't know why she gets attached to certain places, but there's only so long Eric and I can stand around a certain spot before we start itching to move, and since we'd never been to this place before, we wanted to explore.  

In addition to giving Hannah the creativity to clamor up on stove tops and the bravery to fly down stair cases, gymnastics has also taught her the simple, beautiful act of using a log as a balance beam.  

Then I traded Eric the camera for the baby. Since he was carrying the backpack and Hannah, he welcomed the trade, and since Hannah is so dang cute, I welcomed the trade too.

Not a bad way to spend our 2-year anniversary!!


  1. What a beautiful place and pictures! Happy 2nd Anniversary! What day was it? I wish I had known, I would have at lest sent a card. I hope you had a great one!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. I love them!
    Anna does that too - she gets really attached to a bench or something and totally freaks out when we have to leave.

  3. @Jeannie: It was Sunday the 24th. We had to look it up ourselves so don't feel bad!!! We're looking forward to having you babysit this weekend while we sneak away for a bit :)

    @Erica: How strange that they both do that!!! Is it an age thing? A gender thing? Now I want to know if lots of other kids/girls in that age range do it too!


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