Friday, October 15, 2010

All Together Now: Awwwww!!!!!

I've got a couple posts-in-waiting including a CD review that I was supposed to do a month ago, pictures from yesterday's trip to Storyville (probably the coolest kid place in Baltimore, and free!!), and more pictures from today's visit with Grammy and cousin Clay, but it's Friday, and there's new episodes of Sunny and The Office on the DVR that I'm eager to get to. So in addition to those other much longer and more detailed posts, I have these three super cute, super random photos of Hannah that I took this week, the first earlier in the week before the cold front moved in, and the next two, very obviously, after. We weren't doing anything special in any of them; I was just having some of those obsessed mommy moments, you know, the kind where you think your child is so obnoxiously, stinkin' cute that you've gotta take a picture and then share it with the unlucky souls who end up behind you in line at the grocery store.  Yeah, so you guys are in line behind me at the grocery store, and here are my look-how-super-cute-my-kid-is photos:

Love this tie-dye dress that my Aunt Pam bought her!
This was Wednesday, right after we got back from story time at the library.  I'm pretty much a moron at all things fashion related, but I was feeling pretty proud of this little ensemble I put together, so I pulled out the camera and had her strut the catwalk for me.  In true fashion show style, here's what Hannah's wearing: hand-me-down cords and hoodie jacket (no clue who from, but both are very loved and get a ton of use), hat from the Gap (from Terrill), an awesome pair of Keen shoes handed down from Libby and Esther, and I picked up that shirt last weekend at the consignment shop (along with a four other long-sleeved shirts, three blanket pajamas, snow boots, a fall jacket, a cute outfit, a pair of jeans, and a Halloween costume--all for $60!). Wahoo for looking good in mostly free stuff!!

Hannah has gotten really into looking at pictures of herself, both on the computer and on the LCD screen of the camera, so when I pulled out the camera and snapped the above picture, she got all excited and bum rushed the camera, pulling it from my hands and turning it over to study her image in the LCD screen.  That's why she looks excited in this next pic and also why her hand is in grab mode.


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