Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Gymnastics Photo Dump

Eric was off for Columbus Day so he got to come with us to gymnastics which meant I got to take my good camera and get some pics (and by some, I mean a lot because I took advantage of the fact that Hannah had someone else spotting her and went all mamarazzi).  I'm not in the mood for story telling, and anyway, I already provided an overly detailed post on what happens at gymnastics, so I'll just dump the pics and offer a teeny bit of narrating.

We always try to get there 15 minutes early so Hannah can have some free play before class. She beelines for the trampoline which is in a darker part of the room and therefore impossible to photograph since I have to use flash which always screws up the coloring in my photos since I'm not skilled enough to use it properly.
So far the feet don't come off the surface of the trampoline, but she bends her knees a bunch in an effort to jump.

Taking a break from jumping.

Still in the free play room before class.
An older boy (blurred in the background) showed Hannah how to crawl through the tunnel.
The next few are from the obstacle course side (I didn't snap any shots in the circle room which is where every class starts). 

There were lots of tunnels in Mondays class so Hannah had a chance to really perfect her tunnel crawling.

The obstacle course after the munchkins moved on to the free play room (both rooms are changed up every week).
Ringing the bell with Ms. Sarah and a classmate whose name I won't post since his mommy might not appreciate that.
Swinging on the uneven bars with Ms. Sarah.
Putting the spots on the dalmatian.
Running around on top of the parachute.
Running around under the parachute.
The free play room after the munchkins cleared out.  The trampoline is way in the back by the window. It's the only thing that doesn't move from week to week.

For the first time in my life, I love Mondays, and it's all because taking Hannah to her gymnastics class is so much freakin' fun!


  1. These pictures are so precious. Hannah is very blessed! Yay, Mondays have a postive twist now!


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