Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taking the Stairs...And Playing with Kylie

I am starting to understand the importance of baby proofing your house.  Prior to this week, I assumed that as long as we taught Hannah properly, we didn't need to put up gates and plug up the electrical sockets, but yesterday, she log rolled down an entire flight of stairs. Fortunately, she's fine. I scooped her up (after a brief pause in which I wondered whether or not I should move her) and ran next door for help assessing the situation. MC started to feel around for bumps but then Hannah spotted Louie (their cat) and squirmed her way out of our arms so that she could run after him, who'd taken off up their stairs. (It should be noted that she was chasing the cat when she took off up (and then down) our stairs.)  It took me another 20 minutes to stop shaking and breathe normally.

This means that Eric is right, and that I need to hover over her more, especially when she's on the stairs. Since I'm with her more, I've become pretty confident in her abilities. I've watched Hannah crawl up and down the stairs with no help from me a kabillion times in the last few months.  She's gotten so good at getting down stairs that she doesn't even take them one at a time now, she just sort of straightens her legs and slides down a couple at a time (on her belly).  It's really cute, ask Joel, he got to witness it.  The problem is that she's gotten too confident and keeps trying to go down the stairs like a grown up, you know, standing up and facing forward, rather than laying on her belly.  The additional problem is that, like I said, I've gotten overly confident in my super child's abilities and have therefore allowed her some more space than I probably should have.

In addition to the stairs, she also walked off the booth/bench thing of our dining room table earlier today.  It should be noted again, that SHE KNOWS HOW TO ROLL ONTO HER BELLY AND SLIDE SLOWLY OFF OF THE BENCH, just like she knows how to crawl down the stairs.  Why the sudden obsession with leaping off things???  (Oh, and she was fine again; I was close enough when she walked off that I caught her before she hit the floor.)  I'm exhausted from all the adrenaline rushes, but she seems pretty resilient.

We've had a lot of fun this week, and since Grammy is bringing cousin Clay for a visit tomorrow, I've gotta start getting some of these pictures posted! Kylie came over Monday afternoon to play while her mommy and daddy worked. We hopped back and forth between their house and ours which passed the time and kept the girls stimulated.  They played together pretty well, though Hannah had her moments of attitude.  Lucky for her Kylie is pretty laid back and patient and didn't seem to mind.
Hannah sharing her snack with Kylie.
Showing Kylie how to honk the horn on her car.

Playing in Hannah's room.
Playing in Kylie's yard.
Kylie wanted to push.


  1. She is reinventing SuperWomen.Hehe. Love all the pics, but especially the one with the girls dressed with bows in their cute!

  2. That one is cute! Every now and again Hannah keeps the bow in her hair...


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