Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Central Up in Here!

It was baby central here on Saturday, but the camera wasn't cooperating so I don't have many good shots at all....Fawn and Joe came down with baby Conner who is now 6 months old, and Shannon and Demetrios came over with Atticus.  Yay for babies!!!

While waiting for Fawn and fam, Shannon, MC, and I walked the babies to the playground around the corner.  Hannah kept wrapping her arms around Atticus and pulling him toward her. I think she was trying to hold him the way she holds her baby doll...Pretty cute.

Hannah watching Conner play in the sand.
We thought it'd be cute to get a picture of the babies together...We didn't realize it'd be so impossible.

Atticus was the only cooperative baby. Look how chilled out this kid is!!! Amazing...

We decided that the only way to get the babies in a pic was to get the ladies in there too.

Unfortunately, this is the best shot of Conner I got which is a major bummer because I never get to see him!!! This is the first time I met him so who knows how long before I get a chance to get more pics. Sigh.

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