Friday, October 8, 2010

Guess Who Peed in the Potty?!!!!

This kid:

When Hannah was sick, I let her run around diaper-less a few times in an effort to let that rash dry up, but her diarrhea was making quite a mess so I put an end to naked time and stuck the potty in the closet until this morning when I pulled it out on a whim. Hannah was conveniently in between diapers having oh-so-graciously allowed me to remove one very wet dipe but throwing a royal fit when I tried to put on another so I asked her if she wanted to pee-pee in the potty. She nodded her head yes and then tried to sit herself down but this little potty just kept moving away from her, and she kept landing on the floor. I helped her onto the potty and handed her her toothbrush (early use of multi-tasking) and then grabbed my own toothbrush and sat on the closed lid of the toilet.  She stayed put way longer than she ever has before so I was already feeling proud, but when she stood up and I saw a toilet full of pee, I nearly hit the ceiling jumping for joy.  I made quite a production out of it clapping and yay-yay-yaying.  She smiled and laughed and seemed proud of herself, and then she walked over to the toilet and peed a some more.....hehehe.

I haven't written about potty training in a while mostly because there wasn't much to write about. Before we left for Michigan (and after my first blog early potty training) I was making sure that she had at least an hour of naked time most days during which time I focused on drawing her attention to the action of peeing and gave up trying to catch her pee. I read an article about training a cat to sit that said first you praise and reward the cat every time she sits while simultaneously saying the command word (i.e. every time the cat sits, say "sit" and give the cat a treat). (Did I already tell you this story???) Anyway, tacky or not, the pet training advice seemed like good advice so I implemented it into my early potty training and spent a couple months following Hannah around and cheering "pee pee!! yay!" every time she peed on the floor.  I did also sit her on the potty every 25 minutes both to familiarize her with it and also in the hopes of catching something. Then we took about 6 weeks off from all potty training efforts until today. So I guess I combined infant potty training with readiness potty training...Now it's time to buy a real potty that doesn't slide across the floor when she tries to sit down! Any recommendations??

Pee pee in the potty.  Wahooo!!
Remember this outfit?? This is why I buy all her clothes BIG!


  1. Yayyyyy!! High fivin' for Hannah!!

  2. Great job Mom!!!
    We moved straight for the big seat. I got the munchkin potty seat and Dima is playing a big boy. He imitates everything we do now, so it was easy to switch.
    The advantage is that you don't need to drag around a small potty with you: restaurant, friends house, etc.

  3. I found a few fall outfits that are 12 mos. is that big?


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