Monday, June 28, 2010

Why We Need a Dog

Last Wednesday, the day after we went to North Beach, we needed another day trip because that's the day the plumbers came, and it was an all day job.  Since Autumn was planning on heading back to Hagerstown that day anyway, Hannah and I took her part of the part.  We drove to New Market to Jenn's house to visit and meet the new little man in her life, Oliver. I forget how old she said he was...not more than a few weeks...suffice it to say that he is itty bitty.  When Hannah wasn't trying to get Jenn to put down Oliver and pick her up, she was playing with Luna, their Golden Doodle, and loving it.

I think Luna is the sweetest, most kid-friendly dog I've ever met.  She loved playing with Hannah as much as Hannah loved playing with her, which worked out well for Hannah since not all dogs are comfortable getting a periodontal exam from a baby....It really made me want a dog.  Eric has been wanting one for a while but won't let us get one until we move to a place with some sort of a yard.  I can get behind that kind of logic, and anyway, as much as I'd love to have a dog, I'm in no rush to deal with the responsibility of a dog like introducing said dog to our very persnickety cat who will probably start peeing everywhere out of anger, or in potty training a dog and then simultaneously or shortly thereafter having to potty train a toddler, or being forced to set up a dog walking routine in addition to the baby routine that is constantly changing and that I'm still trying to get used to revolving around...So no dog for now.

Here's Jenn with Oliver and Luna, and if you look closely, that bit of pink and white fabric below Luna, that's Hannah. She's standing over there trying to crawl onto Jenn's lap.

Autumn relaxing on the front porch of Jenn's super cool treehouse-like house.

After Jenn's we drove another 10 or so miles west to Frederick to check out my mom's new office and have lunch.  The little bakery we went to didn't have high chairs or booster seats....

After lunch we walked around town, stopped by a thrift store to get Hannah her own handbag (since she keeps stealing my friends' bags), perused the contents of a toy store, and then promenaded on the promenade and dipped our toes in the fountain.  Well, Hannah dipped her toes.  Grammy and Mommy kept their toes dry inside their shoes.

Hannah and I drove home then and hung out next door at MC's for an hour and a half while the plumbers finished their thing.  We are loving having the use of our upstairs bathroom and washing machine again! Whew!  Trying to bathe Hannah in the stand-up shower in the basement was a soaking wet job for all parties.


  1. hummm..could be another dental hygenist in the family...intresting.



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