Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Time For Everything: Skinny Dipping

Hannah and I drove back to Hagerstown again on Sunday.  This time we went straight to my dad's house since we missed him the last time we were in town.  Lucky for us, Chip seems willing to meet us anywhere anytime on a Sunday (his only day off) so we just pick the place and then he shows up within a half an hour. It's pretty awesome.

Hannah's new nickname is going to be Dozer, as in Bulldozer.  Clay didn't seem to mind being pinned; he's so laid back!

I was holding my nephew until Dozer looked up from her spot on the floor and noticed another baby on my lap, then she beelined for my legs and pulled up until I picked her up too.  She's good with sharing toys, but not her mama.

We went outside for some fresh air, and it didn't take long for Hannah to spot the baby pool they had set up back there.  She held onto the edge and took a couple of laps around the outside of the pool.  She's been doing that lately, circling stuff.  She did it around my dad's kitchen table earlier that day, and she did it around our patio chair about a week ago.

Apparently Clay just likes to sit in the grass.  He was watching his cousin run her laps and probably thinking what a hyper little nut job she is.

Hannah had her shirt soaked within minutes of splashing around during her laps so the decision was made to strip her down and let her get in. We didn't pack a suit so skinny dipping it is!!  Clay joined in too.  The two of them splashed like crazy; it was hysterical and really cute.  None of my pics really show the extent to which they were splashing though.

We left my dad's house after lunch and headed in town to my mom's to meet my aunt who had presents for Hannah: a tea set ad some cute clothes. After a short visit we raced off to Funkstown for Shannon's baby shower. Hannah was exhausted by this point and let out a short cry as we walked in the door, but then she got her game face on and had fun hanging out with my friends, playing with their super soft mini collie, and meeting new people. I packed her into the car around 4:00 and we headed home.  

Yesterday my cousin Kim and her hubby Jason came to visit.  We walked down to Golden West for lunch and then Kim and I spent much of the rest of the day laying on the couches talking and watching TV while Hannah napped and the boys took some busted up concrete to the recycling place.  I think us girls got the good end of that deal.  Unfortunately, I was feeling so lethargic that I wasn't carrying around my camera so I don't have a Mamarazzi-style photo shoot.  This pic below is the only one I took all day and it's of the top of Kim's head...sigh.
If you're not into reading comments, my neighbor Adrienne found the newspaper write-up of the dude who stole Hannah's mail, and we determined that the missing mail was a birthday card Hannah sent to her Grannah in Michigan.  Case closed!

Alright, I've gotta go get the Dozer. She's been in her crib not napping for an hour and 15 minutes which is a sufficient nap and therefore a sufficient length of time to not nap.  In addition to playing with her aquarium thingy, reading books, and tossing toys overboard, she managed to remove her pants. Twice. I went up midway through her non nap to make sure she wasn't packing a poop (she wasn't) and replaced her pants while there, but she just took them off again.

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