Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hannah Houses Some Berries

Eric parked his Jeep at my dad's house a couple of months ago so he could store the stuff out back in our very small garage while building our very cool deck.  Since his tags are about to expire, we drove to my dad's house this past Sunday to pick it up.  That it was also Father's Day was a convenient coincidence for me--it's rare that I celebrate a holiday on the actual day.  Hannah and I baked some cookies the day before and she gave half to her dad and I gave half to mine. I think that'll be a nice a tradition to stick with.  I also splurged and got Eric a Father's Day gift. That's not a tradition I intend to keep--after all, he's not my dad--but I had a good idea for a present and needed a reason to give it to him and since his birthday gets stuck in the Christmas jumble, I need another reason to celebrate Eric in the year, you know, like an un-birthday, or Father's Day.  I had this great idea for a present--guitar lessons--and executed it flawlessly. I got him a gift certificate for two guitar lessons with a guy who lives a couple blocks down.  Eric loved it and is psyched to start.

So Sunday... as usual, I'll illustrate the events of the day.  First we ate some lunch, and Hannah had fun feeding the dogs.

Then we suited Hannah up and let her play in the pool.  After a couple of minutes Eric snuck off to lovingly bathe his Jeep.

Dad and I put Hannah in the swing.

It was decided that we should trek around through the woods behind my dad's house and find some berries.  Eric dropped the sponge and came along with us.  In this pic, Hannah has already sampled a few.

Here's my dad doing all the berry picking work while we stand back and watch.

I love this one--it seems so post-card-y.

Here's my dad and Hannah inspecting their booty.

Hannah was eager to get another quality test in.

Then Chip and Clay came sauntering out of the woods and Pappy snuggled both his grand babies. 

More pool time was the logical next step.

Hannah caught a glimpse of the berry bucket and left the pool to eat some berries....

Just a few more...


The grandparents started echoing each other with fears of an imminent belly ache which I ignored for quite a bit.  Then I started thinking about the poop those things were gonna bring on and pulled Hannah away from her fruity drug of choice, plopped her back in the pool, and rinsed the remnants from her face and hands.

Eric's first Father's Day pic with his baby girl.

Rock, my dad's dog, getting some shade.

And back to the swings again...

Hannah and I had a good Father's Day with our dads and hope everyone else did too.

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