Saturday, June 5, 2010

10-Month Show Down

Hannah is 10-months young today and ringing it this 10th month by screaming this terrible guttural scream that makes me think she's going to transform into some kind of monster like the Incredible Hulk or something any minute now.  I went up to check on her a minute ago and she tried crawling her way out of the crib and up my body.  She's abnormally strong, and with the grip and that scream, I felt bad walking away, but eventually it became clear that I had to.  She's quiet now and seemingly asleep so that wasn't too bad--about 10 minutes of screaming, just enough to exhaust her.  She's been waking up earlier the past 3 days (5:45! Ugh!) so she's been over exhausted by morning nap time.  She's waking earlier because she's going to bed earlier (between 7:15-7:30 instead of between 7:45-8:00).  And she's going to bed earlier because she's SKIPPING HER AFTERNOON NAP.  It's a vicious cycle.  Maybe today will be the day that she resumes her afternoon nap....By the way, thanks for all the feedback about that.  I'm going to cross my fingers and keep pushing for two naps a day for a little longer.

Speaking of her abnormal strength, yesterday while we were cleaning up after dinner Hannah managed to crawl into her Jeep. I looked down, dropped my jaw, and then ran for the camera.  My favorite is the last pic but I couldn't resist posting the other two too because her face is so different in each of them.  This is, after all, the bi-monthly showdown in which we hem and haw over whose eyes Hannah inherited and whose nose....So I think you will be better equipped for the hemming and hawing with three shots rather than just one.

Smiling at Daddy.

I love this one.

Here's Eric playing the piano when he was about 10 months old.

And here's my 10-month-old mug shot.

In the typing screen of Blogger, the shrunken pics are all lined up nicely on the same row which I considered a miracle until I hit post and found that they had shuffled themselves around in the posting process...Well, regardless of being on different lines, I think it's easter to compare the faces without all the scrolling so here are your shrunken shots. 

I decided that I need to crop them down every closer because I'm getting really OCD on the show down game this month....I know, I'm being ridiculous.  Humor me.
Alright, that's probably enough of that game.  Weigh in!!  Whaddya think?? I think she has Eric's face shape and forehead and hairline definitely. It's hard to see his eye shape in his pic, but it looks like she might have mine...Also hard to see lips.

And now the Banana is awake again....That was a total cat nap, better known as a disaster nap.  Sigh.  Well, maybe since she disaster napped this morning she'll take a decent afternoon nap.  


  1. Your head was definitely rounder at that age - but I think her face favors you - cheekbones and eyes and smile.

  2. That expression is for sure an Eric one (last shuffle). Eyes, forehead lips goes to Eric. Smile and hair color goes to Terri. I think in the above last picture she looks much like Eric when he was 8 months (picture of him in red, white, and blue). Hannah Jane is Hannah Jane. :)
    And we are blessed to have her.

  3. I am with Jeannie. Hannah Jane is Hannah Jane. But she is definely you both. =-)


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