Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sick?? And Zenning Out on the Chimes

The munchkin seems to have a bit of a cold...Her left nostril had a pretty steady stream of snot most of the day yesterday and she was a little more clingy than usual.  I thought maybe it was from teething or something....That happens, right? That babies get cold symptoms when teething?  I feel like I read that somewhere...So, I'm going to be honest here....don't judge.  I'm a little bummed because I thought we were going to make it through the first year with no colds which seemed an impossible feat given that the babies and kids I know have all been sick at least once this year, so I was getting all gung ho on my look-how-healthy-my-baby-is platform and was even drafting parts of her 1-year birthday post to include how amazing it is that she made it through her first year of life with no illness to speak of and how she is clearly this super human specimen of awesome healthiness destined for an awesomely healthy life. It's possible that I was a little TOO proud and a little TOO gung ho and was in need of a smack down. Fortunately, the smack down came in the form of something very light, so light that I'm still in a bit of denial as to whether or not she is actually sick.  Yesterday it was a steady stream of snot and a little extra cling; this morning she coughed a couple of raspy coughs, only like 3, but they sounded phlegmy.  I haven't heard any coughing since then, and the snot isn't flowing so freely, so...I guess I'm saying it's about as minor of a cold as you can get, just enough to knock me off my high ground and ruin my 1-year-poster-child-of-health blog post, but not enough to make Hannah too miserable or make us worry much.

We're trying to figure out where she picked up this monster germ that was able to penetrate the chain mail we use to protect her immune system.  Eric is blaming it on the pool.  Our neighborhood public pool opened this weekend, and we were there both days splashing around with the other Hampdenites, many of whom thought Hannah was sooooo cute and were all up in her face petting her and stuff.  I figure that's a good guess though I'd think that the chlorine would kill off most stuff....Speaking of the pool, it is so flippin cool. I mean, the kid part is, the adult part is just a pool, but the kid part has these squirty fountain things everywhere and in the middle, where it's deepest (2 feet) there's this giant, colorful whirlygig contraption that spews and dumps water all over the place. It's like something you'd see at an amusement park.  I've never seen anything like it at any other pool, and definitely not at a public pool that only costs $1.50/day. That's another point for Hampden! We love this neighborhood, even if we are desperately craving a grassy space to call our own.

Warning: Huge topic change with no transition.  Hannah learned how to hold a mallet and knock out some tunes on my Zen chimes a few weeks ago. I've been trying to get video of it, but every time she sees that camera kick on, she tosses the mallet and beelines for the camera.  I finally managed though.


  1. Sweet. Hannah looks healthy and alert as usual.Love the chimes. I would love to find some for the boys to play with.

  2. We picked them up at Thomlinson Craft Store which is in the same building as that grocery store we go to around the corner. They were only $30. If I can remember, I'll grab some and bring them with us when we come in August. I love them! They're actually my toy, not Hannah's, but I share :)

  3. :)
    Thank you, but I can look for some from here. You will have enough to think about. I appreciate the offer though.


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