Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Weekend (Not In A Nutshell)

As promised, the plethora of pictures from our long Memorial Day weekend:

On Saturday, Grammy came down for a visit because earlier in the week I'd begged her to.  What can I say, I was missing my mommy.  She brought a nice, wooden xylophone for Hannah and showed her how to make some noise.

After music time, we walked down to The Avenue to the yarn shop there. I want to crochet a dress for Hannah from this really cute pattern that I found and was hoping to find some good yarn locally, but I didn't find the colors I was looking for so I walked out empty handed.  From there we headed to the playground. I didn't have my camera but Grammy brought hers.  She took the next three pictures.

On Sunday afternoon we packed up the bathing suits and headed out to Jess's and Todd's in Ellicott City for a  Memorial Day BBQ/party.  Although I took my camera, I didn't end up using it much.  Hannah kept trying to wear it around her neck and was dropping it in the process so I hid it in the garage.  Anyway, I'm never totally comfortable being my Mamarazzi self in large crowds where I don't know everyone well...

This is Hannah charging the slip and slide.

I think Eric might have been the only grown up to brave the 3 foot pool that day. Although it was as hot as Hades outside, that water was just tad on the nippy side.  

Eric coined a new sport in which you volley a baby over a net instead of a ball.  Nobody else seemed too into playing.

This is a very water logged Brody. I wish I had a picture of Hannah and Brody's little sis, Addison.  They were squealing and smiling at each other like crazy and grabbing hands. It was really cute!  They haven't played together since just before Erin's maternity leave ended and Addison was still pretty infantile then and not really doing much playing.  She was born in December so her and Hannah are the same age. Fortunately, Erin works at a school and school is just about up for the year so  I'll have another stay-at-home mom to play with for a couple of months, and Hannah will have another playmate. 

I brought some bread for the car ride home both to keep her from having a melt down and also to keep her awake....There were no meltdowns...

On Monday, Kylie invited Hannah over to play in the pool she got for her birthday.  Eric and I went along to supervise and sit in the sprinkler.

That bath toy is awesome. I think we're gonna try to find one for Hannah...

Hannah is a real bull dozer.  She kept grabbing onto Kylie and either trying to pull Kylie down or use Kylie to propel herself up; I'm not sure which.  She even bit Kylie's butt at one point!  Lucky for Hannah, Kylie is pretty laid back and tolerant, though Kylie did swat her on the head a few times by the end.

That was our weekend, not in a nutshell. Let's be honest, nutshells are not my thing.

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  1. Thanks for posting this one of Brody! Too funny. I will show it to him when he wakes up tomorrow.
    Looking forward to June 18th and beyond.


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