Friday, June 4, 2010

Blueberry Challenge

And the worst parent of the year award goes to....yours truly. Hannah has spent the last week skipping one nap or another. First she skipped the morning nap for a couple days in a row, then she resumed her morning nap but has skipped her afternoon nap every day since. Yesterday I was determined to get her back on schedule and since she woke up from her morning nap at 10:15 (she'd been sleeping till 11:00 which I thought was the reason for the skipped afternoon nap), I figured it was a great day to make sure she was winding down and asleep by 1:00/1:30.  All was going well and she was acting tired and rubbing her eyes and stuff when I took her upstairs at 12:40. We read a little bit and then I left her in her crib at 1:00.  She spent the next hour alternating between playing quietly and yelling at me to come get her. I ignored her and eventually she passed out....for 15 minutes.  Then she resumed screaming. So not cool. I was determined to leave her in there for an hour and a half; napping or not, it's quiet time.  So I got the dahl I was making her for dinner to the simmer-for-20-minutes point, and then headed upstairs to get her.  It was 2:25 at this point which was close enough to the hour and a half point.  Here's the part about why I'm terrible: her little diaper was full of poop! Old dried poop that had stuck to her rump.  This happened to me once before, where I thought she was just screaming as her way of protesting nap time when really it was because she'd pooped.  For weeks after that last time I would return every 15 minutes to check her butt, but I got out of that habit because she's been pretty regular about being a morning pooper for the last couple of weeks. Not only that, but she has also been pretty regular with having only poop a day--yesterday she had two in the morning so this was her third.  Regardless of my excuses, I felt like such a schmuck!!

I was trying to figure out what was making her so loosey goosey and wondering if it had anything to do with the copious amounts of blueberries she'd spent the last two days shoveling down her gullet.  Yep. Turns out those little suckers are chock full of fiber.  Who knew?? Not me.  She had one more doozy of a poo-ey that Auntie Laura got stuck with because she came over to hang with Hannah while Eric took me out for an early dinner (date night--wahooo!!!).  That's 4 times as many poops as usual.  I hid the blueberries today.  We're  taking a blueberry break.

On a non-poop-centric note (my apologies for the abundance of poop posts this week), this is day 4 or 5 of no afternoon nap. I mean, I haven't given up yet--she's still in her crib so MAYBE she will eventually pass out now that she has thrown every last stuffed animal, book, and blanket out of her crib (I know this because I just went up to check her diaper), but my hopes aren't terribly high.  What's the normal age for them to give up a nap?  Anybody know? I'm not there yet, am I??? Please say there's still hope....I think having a one-nap-a-day kid is the true test of a stay-at-home mom, the one that either makes ya or breaks ya. I feel like I've already been broken a few times so I'm hoping to get made this time around....


  1. Ah poop, we can never win the battle against it.

  2. You took afternoon naps until about the age of 4 (although we skipped sometimes if we were doing something.) You took them about half the time then until you went to kindergarten. You took morning naps until 18 months or 2 (again lessening in frequency the older you got.) You were an easy to nap baby!

  3. Keep her napping the kindergarten teacher will appreciate you for that............Hi Hannah girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dima gave up his second nap at 10 months. I know it is quite early, but we tried everything. Plus he has never been to fond of sleep and always fights it. Our pediatrician said that some children are just like that, don't want to miss out on anything. Though I don't think it is your story guys, it seems from your posts that she is a good sleeper. May be she is just going through growth spurt and it is temporary.

  5. In preschool it is required by law that they take naps until they are 5. We found that 3 out of 17 kids in our class (ages 3-5) took naps everyday. The naps were 1-2 hours long. The infant/toddler regulations were different. I am not sure about the stats now,but when I observed the babies/todds they went down twice a day and slept at least 1-2 hours based on their ages.
    Many more poops and such to come. You are doing a good job, keep it up.

    Blueberries have sugar in them and if she is eating a lot of them the sugar maybe a factor in little sleep, as well.

  6. Anna, no Hannah is def like Dima in that regard!! She def fights sleep in an effort to not miss anything. We've had to work REALLY hard to get her on a good sleep schedule and even then she is constantly challenging us, lately with her effort to give up one of her naps. Right now she's screaming her butt off trying to fight her morning nap.

    Based on this feedback from everyone (thank you all!) I'll keep laying her down for both naps for a little longer and just cross my fingers that she starts using them...I guess if this keeps up for a couple of more weeks I'll let her give one of the naps up. Sigh.

  7. Just catching up on my blog reading, so I'm a little late chiming in on this one... Kylie has been a consistent double-napper for most of her first year. Funny, over the last several weeks though, she tends to nap only 1x a day with the babysitter, but on the weekends, she still naps 2x a day with us... have no idea what that one's about.... Just going with the flow...


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