Friday, April 1, 2011

Handyman Hannah

To help distract from the incredibly bright green paint that we just had our house slathered in, we want window boxes overflowing with ivy and some pretty flowering, dangling plants.  We searched around a bit, but window boxes are pretty pricey, especially since the one we need for the window on the first floor needs to be pretty huge. Eric found a pretty cool design online for some self-watering boxes that use PVC pipe with wicks sticking out of it and figured he could just make them himself for cheaper.  He did, after all, manage to do most of the work required to remodel this house...So our resident handy man spent last Friday assembling the first box, and as soon as Hannah woke up from her nap, she insisted that we head out back to help. She liked handing daddy screws, and daddy liked the help.  My guess is that this is the first in what will be many, many daddy/daughter projects.


  1. So proud of Eric and happy that the carpentry talent is continuing on in the Kellogg family. Brian took a picket fence flower box design that I had found and constructed flower boxes for our Hamelton Rd. house. I love flower boxes. Hannah is adorable as usual and looks so involved. Looking forward to seeing the finished products. Love and hugs to you all.


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