Monday, April 4, 2011

Hannah's first bike ride

Wellllll....the white balance was on the tungsten setting when Eric turned the camera on, and he didn't think to check it so our bright, sunny day photos are pretty blue...I posted one anyway because we have to have at least one photo of Hannah's first bike ride!

For our test run, we headed up to the NCR trail and just did the first 2 miles and then turned around and came back.  Hannah did pretty well and seemed to have fun but she got fussy within about 20 minutes and annoyed with her helmet which kept sliding off to one side (kinda defeats the purpose of a helmet, huh?).  We're considering this a successful test run, and we now know what kinks we have and how to work them out for smooth sailing next time. 

In the meantime, I'm going to start riding her around the neighborhood, to the playground and library and stuff, to try to get her used to riding and wearing the helmet.  

Here's us hanging in the grass while Eric put the bikes back on the Jeep.  Eric realized the blueish tint at this point and fixed it.  Yay for one normally-colored pic!


  1. For a little bit, but the helmet kept sliding off and annoying her (and I think the weight of it annoyed her after the novelty wore off). She liked it, but not for very long. We'll have to work on increasing her stamina for bike riding :)


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