Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hannah dyes some eggs

Now that Hannah is getting older I've got a goal of doing more craft projects with her and have been on the hunt for a book with ideas.  I thought Waldorf would be a good starting place since my favorite crafts with kids blog (now deleted) was by a mom who home schooled her children in the Waldorf tradition.  I found one promising Waldorf craft book, but then one of the reviewers said it was mostly crafts for adults to do without the kids with the purpose of making toys for the kids.  That's cool and all, but I have my own stuff to do in my own time; I want crafts I can do WITH Hannah.  Anybody have any recommendations?

Anyway, I figured egg dying was a good, easy place to start so we dyed eggs yesterday when she woke up from her nap.

Hannah's first response to getting her hands on a hard boiled egg is to bang it on the nearest surface.  As a result, she ended up snacking on the first egg.

I didn't have one of those kits you can use to make designs, so we tried to color on the eggs with a white crayon, but it mostly just made the eggs look kinda textured.  Maybe we colored too much?? It was so hard to see where we'd written!!

We started with the basic colors: green blue, pink (okay, pink isn't basic but who dyes eggs red??), and yellow, and then when that batch was finished, we changed the green to teal, the blue to purple, the yellow to orange, and the pink tooooo....I forget. Maybe we made that purple and made the blue...Anyway, the point is, we opted to do it that way both to save on dye and because I only had four of those little parfait type glasses which seemed to me to be ideal egg-dying glasses.

We put the eggs in individual bowls to dry so they wouldn't stain each other. (And yes, Hannah is without pants at this point.  She peed in the skirt she was wearing, and I never got around to getting her a new set of drawers.  That was her only accident though! She made it to the potty every time for the rest of the afternoon.)

Our finished product is, like I said, a bit textured, partially because of the crayon and partially because the first egg isn't the only one Hannah attempted to crack open. I think they're kinda pretty though.


  1. She looks like she's taking it very seriously.

  2. Screams!! So cute!! She looks like a pro. :)

  3. Haha! She does look serious and like a pro! I agree. I don't think she smiled at all, not for lack of enjoyment, but just because that seems to be her nature when doing something new. She's very serious and intense!


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