Monday, April 25, 2011

The only egg hunt that didn't get rained out

Torrential never ending downpours made it so the DBFA egg hunt at Patterson Park was a no go, and cold temps on Friday made the Bunny BonanZOO at the The Zoo a less than ideal activity, but yesterday was sunny and 70s and a great day for an egg hunt at my dad's house minus the fact that I'd spent the night before puking....I guess Hannah's vomiting wasn't as random as I thought it was.  Eric came home with a really bad stomach ache on Friday, and although he didn't vomit, we're blaming him for bringing in the bug.  What I don't get is why bugs like that always strike in the middle of the night, you know? I mean, when do you ever puke in the afternoon???  I certainly never do. So on top of incredible stomach pains, that horrendous pre-puke feeling that ransacks your whole body, and dehydration and a general depleted feeling you also end up severely exhausted and lacking sleep. Totally uncool.

Needless to say, when I woke up on Sunday morning, I wasn't sure I was going to make it back to Hagerstown, but Eric made me suck it up and motivate.  We had to stop once so I could lose the banana I'd choked down, and I got really car sick (as usual) riding in the back with Hannah, but we made it.

Once there, I was not my usual picture snapping nut job, and the pics I did snap are not so hot, but that's never stopped me from posting before!

Upon arriving at my dad's, I went immediately to the couch to lay down.  The fam joined me there and Eric snapped a few pics of the kiddos playing.

After about a half hour I motivated off my butt and suggested we get the egg hunt underway because I wasn't getting any less tired.

Hannah picked up on the concept pretty quickly and had fun filling her basket.

There were six eggs for each of them, but when it was all said and done, Clay only had two...Not because he didn't find any, he found them, he just wasn't too interested in picking them up.  Hannah followed behind him, trying to keep up, and picked up the eggs he wouldn't.

Eventually Clay found something more interesting than eggs: my dad's tractor.

I'm loving the new outfits that Grammy sent Hannah--tons of tights and t-shirts that are all mix and match, cute, and super comfy (and on sale).

Time to inspect the loot!

While in the garage, Hannah found my dad's shop chair and started wheeling it around the yard with Clay's occasional help.

I tried to get Hannah to wear the bunny ears but she wasn't interested...

I also tried to get Hannah to nap, but she wasn't interested in that either. I took her into my dad's room with her lovey and blanket and some books, but she knew that Clay was still running around outside the my dad's room and refused to settle down.  Clay was late on his nap too and they were both getting increasingly fussy and started fighting over toys so Chip and Erica took Clay home.

After they left, Eric passed out on the couch and dad and Hannah started washing my car.  Sondra got her a little bucket and her own rag.  She loved it! I snapped a few shots and then I went and passed out in anticipation of a rough ride home with an over-exhausted child who won't do more than cat nap in a moving vehicle.

My anticipation was spot on.  In spite of being exhausted, Hannah slept for only 30 minutes in the car and spent the rest of the ride crying.  She continued crying for most of the rest of the night until almost 8:30 when she finally fell asleep...The thing about crying until 8:30 is that I attempted to put her to bed at 7:00, right on time.  And she was soooo obviously tired, but couldn't fall asleep.  After finally falling asleep way later than her usual bedtime, she woke up earlier than usual this morning at 6:15.  So, I think the books are right: bad sleep breeds bad sleep.  Anyone who thinks that my daughter is going to sleep awesomely because she missed her nap is dead wrong.  Nope. No.  Never.  And this is why I don't go anyplace and why I am such a stickler for sticking to her schedule....It will take us days to get back on schedule. Many long, frustrating, exhausting days.

I can't complain really because it's my fault; I know better.

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  1. I love the pic of them both on the tractor. So precious.


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