Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hannah's first circus

We took Hannah to her very first circus on Thursday morning, and it was awesome!! We've decided to make it a yearly tradition and are already looking forward to next year and hoping Hannah will be able to make it through the whole show.  This year we left at intermission because shortly before intermission (which happened around 11:45 a.m.--lunch time), Hannah started getting fussy.  For the first hour she sat really still on Eric's lap and just stared wide-eyed, taking in who knows how much of the crazy lights, loud noises, animals, and acrobats, and then she must have reached stimulation overload.  Intermission might have been enough of a break for her, but she woke up early that day (of all days!) and was rubbing her eyes and doing the sleepy whine, so we decided to stick to her schedule and take her home for lunch and a nap.

Eric and I were bummed to have to miss the second half of the show so we bought a DVD. We also bought Hannah a coloring book and have spent the days since then coloring in elephants and clowns.

In spite of pretty decent seats in the lower concourse (last row) and the fact that Eric and I took turns fiddling with the camera settings, we never did figure out the ideal circus setting and therefore didn't manage to get any  good pics. Fortunately, I assume that most of my followers just like following along with Hannah and don't care about photo quality (namely, grandparents), so this should suffice!

Climbing on the rails before the show.
The show introduction.
Daniel Raffo and nine members of his tiger brood.
I think this is a shot of the Ulaanbaatar Ballerina...but I could be wrong.
The Mighty Meetal lifting over 1200 pounds.
The Sky-High Ice Gliders on their high wire.
The Torres Family was one of my favorites.  They raced seven motorcycles around in this 16-foot sphere reaching speeds up to 65 miles an hour...It was crazy.  
 That was the last show before intermission.  I had Eric try one more time to get a pic of Hannah with the Ringling Bros. sign in the background...It's a little out of focus and Hannah looks exhausted, but I guess it's better than nothing.


  1. What fun that looks like. We haven't been to a circus since our sons were a little older than Hannah. We rode the elephant. Good memories.

  2. I remember riding the elephant when I went to the circus as a kid too!!! I love it! I wonder if they still do that? I guess we'd have to make it through a whole show to find out....

    I wish you were here too Amy!!!

  3. I would surely go to the circus again, if would come to our area. Or go early before the show. I think we rode the elephant before the show.


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