Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hannah takes Clay to Port Discovery

I was reprimanded today for slacking on my blog.  My mom has been waiting none-too-patiently for me to post pics from Hannah's play date with her cousin last week, and the thing is, I would have posted them WAY sooner, but I totally forgot about it. I also took (and forgot about) some pics of Hannah helping Eric build a window box last weekend and also of Hannah's first ride in the Jeep.  I don't know how I managed to forget about the existence of so many pics....Suffice it to say that I will be busy posting them over the next few days.

First things first though. Chip and Erica brought Clay down last Thursday, and I took them to Port Discovery because it was rainy and Port Discovery is probably the coolest indoor place for kids to play, and since Chip doesn't come down often, I wanted to make sure we did something super fun to entice him to come back more frequently.  

We spent most of the morning in the Tot Trails exhibit because it's pretty contained.  Clay is a runner and he's increasingly hard to keep up with. He's like a bumble bee or a butterfly or some other quickly flitting insect, flying across the room from object to object.  That's not Hannah's style, but she managed to keep up. 

Clay took a minute to warm up to the nets but once he got used to it, he was all over it and climbing up parts of that Kid Works exhibit that I'd never been up before...My camera settings were all screwed up though so I don't have any good shots of all that fun craziness.

Uncle Chip kicked the soccer ball around with Clay and Hannah for a while.  

Back at the house, the kids pulled the cars out of the garage and took 'em for a little spin around the kitchen.

I have a number of pics of Hannah planting a super huge kiss on Clay, but none turned out...

Earlier in the week we were looking at baby pics of Clay, and I kept telling her that he was coming to play soon. I guess it worked, I mean, I guess she remembered him this time because when they pulled up, she was standing at the door squealing in excitement and clapping her hands.  I think they liked the welcome party....I hope it makes them want to come visit more often. I like hanging with my little brother. I should probably motivate their way more often too....

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