Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hannah and Kylie Go To the Zoo

I'm stumped on my current self-assigned assignment so I decided to take a break from it to post some pics from last weekend. I've got a bunch more and since it's almost weekend again....

I don't think I mentioned this, but at the end of last week Eric got pulled from his regular job to work a different mission that provides 24-hour coverage.  So after working regular hours Monday through Thursday, he worked a 12-hour day on both Friday and Saturday, then went in for 12 hours on Sunday night and Monday night.  He slept all day Tuesday and is enjoying his "weekend" now until he returns to that stupid schedule at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. This is a terrible schedule, and I have no idea how fire fighters do it on a regular basis...I'm trying not to grumble about it much since it's way worse for him than me (since I at least get to sleep at night), but man, it sucks for me too.

Since Eric was working on Saturday, my usual Saturday morning yoga routine was a no-go for me.  Instead we met Kylie and her mommy at the zoo. They brought Kylie's wagon which was the highlight of the day for Hannah, much more so than the animals.  She sat right down and didn't stray often, not even to get a better view of the animals.  When she did get up, she returned to the wagon pretty quickly and then started calling for Kylie to get back in too.  She'd point to Kylie's seat and say "Ky, Ky!"

African elephants
Teeny tiny golden frogs, quite possibly extinct in the wild
Riding the tram
When I told my mom how much Hannah loved the wagon she said she'd been thinking of getting her one for her birthday, but I don't know if we can wait that long!  The weather is getting nicer and we're taking more walks and it's such a fun way to transport her. Might have to start looking for one on Craig's List....

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