Saturday, March 5, 2011

Swimsuit Baby Carrier

I bought Hannah a new bathing suit on a recent Zulilly deal since her current one is getting a bit tight, and I had it sitting out along with my swim cap and goggles on Friday morning when she decided it made a better baby carrier than swim suit.  Please note that the baby in the "carrier" is not Lila. Lila is still at the store. This is the baby my mom bought for her a really long time ago.  She's always loved it and carried it around, though her obsession with it waxes and wanes. That obsession has been waxing pretty hard since her discovery and subsequent loss of Lila....To fill the void, this baby goes everywhere with us lately.

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  1. That is tooooo funny, and she is tooooo cute! Way to be frugal. :)


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