Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hannah and Lila

It wasn't long before Hannah was reunited with Lila, the very awesome but very expensive baby doll she picked out last week while putzing around with daddy.  My mom just couldn't resist an opportunity to spoil the daylights out of grandbaby! She was planning a visit for last Sunday anyway and said that since she got paid on Friday, we'd take a walk up to the store when she got here. Of course, Hannah wanted the doll on the shelf so it took a little persuading to convince her that the one in the box was even better.  Once home she waited very impatiently for Grammy to get Lila and all her little accessories out of the box and then for daddy to get the batteries in.

I snapped a bunch of pictures of that first reunion with Lila, but it was a cloudy day, and as you know, my pics are not so good when I'm lacking natural light...

She's out of the box! Wahooo!!!
Helping daddy put in the batteries.
Giving baby her bottle.
She likes to have daddy help her feed the baby.
Giving baby the pacifier (which is now lost...)
"Shhhhhh daddy! Baby is sleeping."
Teaching Lila how to build towers with the blocks.
Hannah is a natural mama.  She rocks Lila when she's crying, patting her on the back and saying "shhhhh..."  She loves to feed her her bottle (and sign for milk prior to doing so).  She puts her in the booster seat during meal times, the other chair at her table during playtime, and holds her in her lap when in her car seat or stroller.  She even holds the baby up to my boobs and insists that I nurse baby Lila. Today we managed to get out of the house without Lila which was great, because I don't like for Hannah to bring Lila into the gym or wherever we're going, but Hannah doesn't like to leave her in the car.  She cried for the first 10 minutes of gymnastics on Monday and just kept repeating "baby, baby, baby" because I told her that Lila had to wait for us in the car.

We are currently without a video camera (but are doing research on various pocket camcorders trying to figure out which we want) but I used my mom's to get some footage of Hannah in full mama form.  Eric and I even took a whirl at figuring out the Windows video editor. Well, Eric took the whirl; I got frustrated and waited until he'd figured out the technical part of it.  The video still way too long and only the most die hard Hannah fan's will endure the whole 2 minutes, but I can't edit any more out.  My favorite part is in the first couple of seconds though when she looks at my mom and signs "milk".  Check out the cuteness:


  1. Good job with the video. Stole some of your pics as well. So glad you posted these. :)

  2. This is JUST darling! It's amazing how much they pick up on and we don't even realize they're watching. Thanks for sharing!


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