Monday, March 14, 2011

Hannah's first moon bounce

I know I've already posted a ton of pics of our previous two visits to Port Discovery, and for that reason, I wasn't even going to take my camera in with me when we went on Saturday, BUT, there was a moon
bounce there to celebrate Littles' Day (for kids under 5), and I LOVE a moon bounce so I felt it necessary to capture Hannah's first bounce. And since I was carrying the camera anyway....I took just a few more....okay, a lot more shots, but hey, that's why I titled this blog "Going Mamarazzi"!! At least I'm cognizant of and apologetic for the things that make me annoying.  Just be happy that this is a blog post and you can get bored and close the page the very second that your eyes start glazing over out of boredom.

First, the moon bounce shot.  Sadly the moon bounce was not the hit I thought it would be. I guess, as with most things, she'll need a little more time to get used to it before she's bouncing around like a professional moon bouncer.  I mean, she liked it, but just not for long, and she didn't do any bouncing, just a little exploratory crawling.

So, the Goddard School sponsors this event, and they had this awesome bubble machine set up at one of their tables that blew giant bubbles and even blew a ton of bubbles inside of bubbles. I expressed my admiration for this machine and was told that they picked it up for $15 at Walmart....I haven't shopped at a Walmart in years on principle, but I'm tempted to sneak in and grab one of these things because I really, really HATE blowing bubbles. I love having bubbles, but I hate blowing them.  Maybe I can find it on Amazon and keep my principles? Oh, I forgot to mention that Kylie and Adrienne came with us too, and there's Kylie's back in the pic below.

Loving the turtle in the water world exhibit
I never noticed these body driers fun (and necessary)!
Also never noticed the surfboard photo prop area...Good eye Adrienne!
A bean bag is another thing I've been wanting to get for Hannah, I think because when I was little, I always wanted one.  We don't really have any place to put one though...

Collaborating on an art project
The last few pics reminded me that I've also been wanting to get Hannah a little toy kitchen for a while now...but we don't really have any place to put that either. Maybe we should just get a membership to Port Discovery and go there when we want to romp on the beanbags and cook in the play kitchen.

Mmmm....mustard on my eggs
We got a free 3-month membership to Port Discovery when we joined the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance which we'll be activating soon, but I promise not to keep bringing my camera in and posting picture after picture of Hannah (and Kylie) running around the children's museum.  This is it! Hope it wasn't too painful.


  1. Please keep posting pictures from Port Discovery. Hannah looks so happy! What a wonderful place to go. Sounds like you enjoyed it as much as Hannah. The girls look like they enjoy playing together, how awesome is that!!

  2. For a grandmother - all pics are welcome. I love to see the changes in her face as she grows into a little girl.

  3. Well, I knew the grandmothers wouldn't complain :) You guys are her biggest fans!

  4. Hey wait a minute!!! I have to disagree with Terri's previous comment. You obviously wouldn't be a very good politician. HAha..


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