Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sidewalk Talk

Guess who finally has some pictures??!! I haven't taken many lately because we haven't done anything too exciting, and I figure, really, how many head shots of my beautiful daughter sitting on the couch do you really want to see?  The weather was so amazing yesterday that I started wishing we had a yard so we could go outside and roll around in the grass.  Instead, we went out front and sat on the sidewalk.  It wasn't quite as comfy and we got some funny looks from dog-walkers and joggers passing by, but at least the sun was hitting us.  Speaking of sun: I'm in the market for a good only-made-with-good-stuff baby sunscreen if anybody has any recommendations.....

I'm wishing I hadn't laid that towel down now--it really takes away from the pics....Sigh.

I think we're getting a handle on the sleep thing.  I laid her down asleep last night and she stayed that way so no hour of screaming.  She woke up once, but it was at 9:30 so although I was already in bed (no grandma comments people!! I like sleep!), I wasn't asleep so no biggie. Here's what we changed: we start bath time at 7:00 instead of 6:30 (this is a compromise because Eric wanted to start at 7:30 but I was against changing it that drastically), and I only let her stay on each boob for 12 minutes.  She is still falling asleep nursing, but I've got her in the crib before she wakes up feeling refreshed. I've been downstairs for grown up time by about 7:45/8:00 the past two nights.  Progress is beautiful! And Eric has been off the hook since she's falling asleep nursing.

In what's-new-with-Hannah news, she learned how to whine this week.  I have a feeling this sound will quickly become annoying, but right now I think it's adorable.

And also, I put shoes on her for the first time yesterday when we went outside.  You can kinda see 'em in one of the pics.  Usually I just let her walk around outside in booties and socks, but I felt like giving the shoes a try.


  1. Beautiful Hannah! Love you baby!!
    Good to hear some progress is being made that is working for all three of you.

  2. Hello Terri! This is Aisha- we chatted a little bit at Chinyere's class. Good to read your updates. I did get to read your birth story as well. I'm still hanging in here @ 40w/4days. The good thing is doc won't induce until 42 weeks. Trying every which way to get baby out before it's evicted. Went to the acupuncturist today and we're hoping baby is on his/her way. Just thought I'd say hello

  3. Yay!! Thanks for saying hello!! I'm rooting for your baby finding his/her way out prior to being evicted!! Keep me posted please!!! I'd love to keep in touch.

  4. Isn't there a big patch of grass down behind the grocery store parking lot? You could spread a blanket and play there under the trees.

    BTW - are you wearing jeans on her? Too cute.

  5. so cute! we have a backyard and still enjoy the front sidewalk sometimes :)

  6. Yeah, Jeannie got her a really cute pair of jeans for spring. I'm normally anti-jeans, but these are made of a thin material so they're comfy.

    I think dogs use those trees as potties pretty frequently...we'd probably have better luck borrowing a yard from a friend.

    Stoop (sidewalk) sitting does have its advantages!


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