Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have two "finallys" today.  First, I finally snapped out of my camera slumber and snapped a couple pics of Hannah playing with her Uncle Joel a couple hours before he flew back to Seattle (yesterday).

And second, we finally finished our will/power of attorney/living will paperwork and all the other jazz that goes into the here's-what-you-should-do-if-I (or we)-die bucket.   This item was put on the to do list back when I was still preggo....And finally, it is complete. We had our meeting with the Judge Advocate General this morning to go over everything and have it signed and notarized!  And since Eric's in the military, it was free!! Can't beat that price.   All we had to do was wake up early, drive to Fort Meade through rush hour, feed Hannah breakfast in the car, nurse her in "the back office", and keep her happy the whole time she was supposed to be napping.  NO SWEAT!!!

(No seriously, we were dreading it, but it wasn't that bad at all, and Hannah remained in surprisingly happy spirits despite her growing and obvious exhaustion.)

So now we're both sitting here going, "whew!"  It feels good to have those very important documents complete.

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  1. Happy tears, seeing Joel with Hannah is touching. He is a very handsome young man!! Glad you caught a couple of them together. Precious.


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