Thursday, April 29, 2010

Figuring Out Facebook

It took me a couple weeks, but I finally figured out how to link Mamarazzi to Facebook.  If you haven't seen it yet, on the lower right sidebar of this screen is a new widget called "Networked Blogs".  I kept noticing that widget on other blogs and finally stopped wondering what it was and just Googled it. Turns out it's a Facebook thing that links up the blogs you follow to your Facebook. I'm not exactly sure how it works yet.  See, I'm one of the two followers on Mamarazzi right now as a test, and all of my posts are going directly to my Facebook wall, but I'm also a follower of a couple of other blogs and those are not going to my wall, soooooo....The only way for me to see the other blogs was to create a new tab at the top of my page and choose "blogs".  Now when I click that tab, I see the others blogs I picked to follow.

So yeah, I'm more of a technophobe than not and am EXTREMELY slow in figuring stuff out. If anyone can enlighten me, please do. In the meantime, I'm learning as I go.....

Of course, from what I can tell so far (and in my humble opinion) Google Reader is definitely an easier way to keep up with your blogs.


  1. Wow, didn't realize you were even on Facebook. Nice job on figuring out how to connect FB and your blog.

    Your pictures are always fun to see. Hannah is adorable.

    I use Google Reader and it does make following numerous blogs easier. In fact, it's made it possible to easily access my regularly read blogs on my iPhone. Although, there are other similar services out there.

    Also, as a side note, I thought I'd recommend one of my favorite 'parenting blogs.' I don't follow many... well in fact only your's and this one. - she's a mother of two boys and a great writer. it's a fun blog to follow (in my opinion).

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Janet!! I'll definitely check it out! See you soooooon!!


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