Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Frilly Pink Girly Girl Pics (AKA Belated Easter Pics)

I was going to give my dear readers a respite from my incessant blogging as of late, but then I got an email with Easter pics that my dad's girlfriend took....Of course I have to share the shots of Hannah being all super girl-er-ific and adorable!!

I know exactly how he feels; it's like when I find my missing ice cube trays in the pantry with the pasta after hours of looking for them.

I think Clay has better things to do than root through bushes for plastic eggs full of candy that no one will let him eat.    

There were no eggs in the gutter, but Hannah took advantage of the opportunity to show off her biceps and her super strength with a couple of chin ups.  

Hannah took a break from searching for eggs to give her dad a much-needed lesson about where purple eggs come from (purple chickens, duh).

The full frontal--I told ya she was all decked out super girly style.  I think she wears it well though.

Ring, ding, dong, ringa, ding ding ding dong.  


  1. She is beautiful. Love the pictures and so are her parents. There is nothing more precious than Hannah dressed up frilly celebrating with her Daddy and Mommy on Easter Sunday.
    Clay looks like he is doing well, very cute. Love, love, love these pics.

  2. The super frilly dress looked out of place on her - she's usually so stylin. She looks so cute.


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