Friday, April 16, 2010

First Trip to the Playground!

Hannah's friend (and neighbor), Kylie, invited her to the playground today where the two shared a swing and played together at the bottom of the slide.  Hannah loved the swing and spent the first few minutes shrieking and cheesing. It was pretty dang cute which made me happy that I'd remembered to toss the camera into the bottom of the stroller before leaving.

There were like five in this pose that I ended up liking....I barely managed to narrow to two.

I like how Hannah has her hand on Kylie's back in this one, like their old chums.

Prior to the park, I snapped a shot of Hannah chowing down on her new favorite food: bread.  I break off hunks of the stuff me and Eric make, and it keeps her occupied for eons.

After lunch we sat on the couch and read library books and looked out the front window.

And then, after the playground and afternoon nap, we hung out on the couch again eating, er, I mean, reading, library books.  This was particularly fun because it is VERY rare that Hannah just sits still and hangs out.  

Today was either full of photo ops or I was just annoyingly trigger happy. You can be the judge of that.


  1. YAY! love it! We had fun- Hanna is a great playmate - we'll walk to the park with you anytime :) thanks for posting!

  2. Totally adorable. Love the tongue in the last one.

  3. Ha-ha, I just thought: "that's nice she does not try to chew the nice library books." But I guess, I was wrong :) Dima just demolished one really nice book today.

  4. ROFLOL! Love the pics. Crying happy tears and Hannah look so happy. Can't choose a favorite, all of the pics are awesome! Kylie looks like a fun playmate. :)


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