Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Rash that Blistered and Fun Pics Hanging with Libby

The "rash" that appeared on Hannah's bum the day after she got her vaccines turned into two giant blisters and one small one yesterday, and today those blisters popped.  They're these terribly painful looking raw sores that make me cringe (and her scream) every time I have to wipe her. I usually just wipe around them and then lay a warm cloth over them for a couple of seconds once the rest of her is clean. Amy came over after Hannah's bath tonight to take a look (it's awesome having a nurse practitioner live next door!) and said it definitely doesn't look very rash-like since it's contained to three spots and hasn't spread at all, and also since it's a BLISTER and very clearly not a rash.  She thinks it might be bacterial and said I should definitely take Hannah in to the pediatrician tomorrow...I am wondering if this could be a side effect from her first dosage of live vaccines. Any other mamas see anything like this after getting their 1 year vaccines?

Hannah spent much of Saturday naked from the waist down in an attempt to let the non-rash dry up.  Since we spent a lot of the day outside at Libby and Ben's, it was easy to do. We were inside a bit too though, and Hannah didn't miss an opportunity to mark some territory.  She peed inside three times and then peed and pooped on the porch...I'm pretty sure anyone else would have killed me but Libby was super laid back about it. I promised her that her kids could pee all over my floor and poop on my porch any time.

Libby greeted us with a colander full of freshly picked raspberries that Hannah and Esther ate by the handful, Hannah storing them in her chipmunk cheeks while shoveling more in.  Here they are showing off their raspberry stained faces and hands.

I think this might be my all time favorite picture of Hannah. I'm soooo glad that the angle covered up her privvy parts!! (Oh, this was taken shortly before she pooped on the porch.)

And now, some dynamic, action-packed trampoline jumping pics!

This shirt was a hand-me-down from Esther and was homemade by Libby--cute, huh!

I love this picture! It's so them--Asa all serious and Esther all crazy :)

Me: "See the chickens, Hannah? What do the chickens say? Hmmmm?  Do they say 'bock bock bock bock bock'?" Hannah:  Ehhhh.
We had a great day and even managed to get Hannah an afternoon nap, although to do that we had to drive around the back roads for an hour and a half.  Lucky for me, Libby offered to drive which meant that we got some quality talk time in and that I didn't get lost driving around horse country (and also that Eric got to go fishing with Ben).  Unfortunately for me, being a passenger on all those windy backgrounds meant that I was nauseas within 10 minutes and ready to pass out within 20.  It was a small price to pay for a sleeping baby and girl time.


  1. I hope those blisters hill in no time. Poor Hannah. Do you really think it was vaccines? I asked my friends who have kids 1 year and older, but none of them had this type of reactions to vaccines. Usually it's a feather and no sleep action.
    I do hope it gets better soon.

  2. Justin had blisters from the heat. He was not exposed to the sun but we found that teething elevated temperatures on only some parts of his body and caused the blisters. So sorry for Hannah. It sounds awful. :(

  3. I doubt it was the vaccination. That's why I wanted you to call the Dr. and just ask them. Did you get a new laundry soap or anything?

  4. Awwww, poor Hannah, but at least she looked cute. My eyes immediately zeroed in on the cute top!!!

  5. Thanks for asking around Anna!!!

    Jeannie: That is really interesting....And is the only explanation so far that I can't rule out! I've been studying her diet looking for changes. I soaked her diapers in case some irritant got on them. I've been looking at it from many angles, but elevated body temp due to teething makes a lot of sense. Especially since she already runs pretty hot and since we know she's teething. I think she takes after Uncle Justin with the sleeping thing too.

    We've got a dr. appt at 10:30 this morning. I'll keep you all posted!


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