Sunday, August 22, 2010

Conundrum: Feeling Busy While Accomplishing Nothing

I've been a slacker, not just with blogging, but with life in general. With Eric being off, life is like one long weekend, but having a baby makes like like one long weekday...So we adhere to some semblance of routine when it comes to waking, eating, and sleeping, but the periods in between are giant lulls, sometimes fun, sometimes terribly lull-ing.  I've always known that I am not much of a self-starter, but this mini-retirement of Eric's proves it.  At the same time, although life has been incredibly uneventful these past two weeks, it feels busy. I talked to another mom about this the other day--the sense that time is flying and that life has been SO busy and that there is little to no time to accomplish anything or hang out with anyone or DO anything combined with the inability to recall anything we've actually done that would constitute our claim of having been busy...Is that what it's like to be a mom? To constantly feel busy with nothing tangible to show for it??  The thing is, I haven't even been busy slacking. There are still almost 30 episodes of House on the DVR and nearly 10 of The Soup so it's not like we're watching a bunch of TV (well, I'm not--Eric's plugging through all his Mythbusters and Whale Wars episodes pretty steadily).  At any given time I've got at least 25 unread emails in my inbox, I haven't blogged, and I haven't read anyone else's blog--so what have I been doing??

At the beginning of the summer I bought all the stuff to crochet Hannah a dress and even stitched up the gage test patch, but then never picked up the hook again.  I've been meaning to get another freelance writing gig since I was pregnant and living in Virginia Beach but have yet to do anything to do get that gig.   I did motivate to look up what it would take to become a spinning instructor this morning and feel slightly better for doing that. That certification is a lot cheaper and way less intensive than a yoga certification so I'm thinking I can get that and then hopefully find a job and save the money from that to put toward my yoga certification. In the meantime, if I can get a free gym membership at wherever I'm teaching, that'll save us a pretty penny each month.

Limbo. That's what a mini-retirement feels like when you have a baby.  I'm almost looking forward to Eric starting work in September because then we'll be forced into a routine, and I'll start being a productive little housewife out of guilt.

In the meantime, after all that spewing I owe you at least one Hannah update, the cutest of which is that she has learned to kiss.  She doesn't usually plant those kisses anywhere, just sort of makes the noise with her lips anytime I kiss Eric or when I read the part in Night-Night, Little Pookie that goes "I'll tuck in your covers and turn out the lights and give you three kisses...." She also does it at the end of Bark, George (that book is hysterical by the way) when the mama dog is so happy that her little boy dog is barking (rather than meowing or quacking) that she kisses the vet who fixed the dog and all the animals that were pulled from inside poor little George (yeah, it's a weird one, but really funny in my opinion).  So she definitely knows the word "kiss" and the accompanying action.  It's pretty cute, as you can imagine.

I've got more updates including news on weaning (which I've started but suck at) and potty training (which is not really an update since there isn't much new going on there) and even some pictures that I haven't gotten around to uploading to the camera yet....

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