Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!!!!

Hannah's first birthday was relatively uneventful as we spent most of today running from Whole Foods to the Farmer's Market to Trader Joe's to the Giant, both to restock the fridge after our week in Michigan and also to prepare for my family reunion which is on Saturday.  I did manage to do some research and find a couple of carrot cake recipes that I'm going to adapt (I don't want her to have sugar) so she will have some cake, but just not on her actual birthday. I feel a little guilty that we didn't do anything special today, but I don't think I should feel guilty. I'm constantly moving celebrations around to suit everyone's schedule and rarely celebrate my own birthday on the actual day, so it's not like I'm doing anything to her that I don't do to myself.  And anyway, she's kind of had a whole week of celebrations.  We returned from a week in Michigan just before dinner yesterday (those photos are forthcoming in the next couple of days).  While there, we all went to the toy store to play and let Hannah pick out some toys.  Then Grannah and Granpah took the family out for dinner and then back to Uncle Justin's to open presents. Since my family reunion is Saturday, I'll bring healthy carrot cupcakes and we'll do a bit of a celebration there too.  Regardless, I still feel a bit guilty so next year I'm not scheduling anything on the week of her birthday so that I can make sure we do something more exciting than grocery shopping.

I haven't had a chance to edit the majority of the Michigan photos, but I did fix up the ones that had to do with celebrating her birthday.  I didn't have my camera in the toy store so props to Uncle Justin for these pics.

Uncle Justin ended up buying her this cash register. She liked pushing the buttons to make the drawer pop up and then pushing the drawer back in.

Grannah and Granpah bought Hannah this super cool shopping cart since pushing stuff around is her favorite activity.  She pushed this cart all around the store. (Eric almost bought the monster, but refrained.)

For some reason the birthday dinner photos aren't uploading. I guess Blogger is busy this time of day...I'm giving up and will just include them in the upcoming enormous Michigan post.

Fast forward to today.  Here's Hannah opening a birthday card that came in the mail.

Grammy sent her $5 to put in the piggy bank that she bought for Hannah for Christmas.  This picture is an illusion. I put the bill halfway through the slot and then snapped the pic right as Hannah was pulling it out so that it would look like she was putting the money in the bank.  Hehehe.

And here's another game of "whose features did Hannah inherit" (I love this game!).  I think she's looking a lot like Eric these days.  The funny thing is that people who see us together always think she looks exactly like me, but if you go back and look at these photos of me and Eric at the same age, she really favors Eric. Of course, it's hard to see my face amidst the icing....

This post wouldn't be complete without a "this time last year" shot (actually, I don't have any photos of her in the hospital so she's 2 days old in this one).

When I was pregnant, everything felt surreal.  I was certain that reality would hit when I held her in my arms for the first time, but it didn't.  I spent the first 6 months or so in a haze, sleep deprived, unsure of why my baby wouldn't just fall asleep when she was tired instead of spending hours screaming her lungs out, and often pretty angry at the seeming unfairness of being a mom versus being a dad.  Then something clicked (that something had a lot to do with reading the Sleep Lady's book) just before 6 months, and Hannah stopped screaming every night before bed, and she stopped waking up in the middle of the night, and I started getting some sleep and feeling normal again. She got happier and so did I (and as a result, so did Eric).  We even settled into a workable routine that enabled me to know when my free time windows were and start planning around them.

Her physical changes are astounding.  She won't go in for her 1-year checkup until the end of the month so I don't have those stats, but she's more than doubled her weight, grew 8 teeth (the last two broke through this past month), and learned to move and shake and tumble and climb up AND DOWN the stairs and is even starting to get her legs under her and doing a teeny bit of walking (though she hasn't repeated that 10-1/2 foot walk). She learned how to make us laugh and LOVES doing it, and she's making noises that sound like they might be words (kitty, easy, kaya, hi, mama), though nothing is quite clear yet.

Getting to know Hannah has been a challenge because mothering her didn't follow any instinct that I had.  I assumed she would sleep when she was tired, eat when she was hungry, and cry only when she needed something.  I knew that being a parent would be hard, but I had no clue just how hard it was going to be. In research I did a few months ago, I came across the book  Raising Your Spirited Child (I mentioned it on a blog post, but am not sure which now) and wondered if it might shed some light on the subject.  The library has had it on hold since then, but lucky for me, Grannah bought it and let me borrow it so I'm reading it now.  I see Hannah all over those pages.  More energetic, intense, dramatic, persistent....In short, more WORK, but also more reward.  I've always believed that nothing worth having ever came easy. Granted, I can never HAVE Hannah, but I think that idea still applies to some extent.  I'm glad she's making me work; I like a good challenge, and I think I'm doing pretty well with it.  As her personality unfolds, I become more and more enraptured and in love with her.  She's amazing.  Cheers to many more birthdays!!


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah! I love the picture with the money and the piggy bank! Genius! I like the toy cash register too - I'm going to have to check those out. Very cool.

  2. It was a good time. Hannah is so much fun! Uncle Justin you rock!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to Hannah. Also, I think she actually really favors you!


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