Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 1....Last Year

We drove to St. Michael's last year the weekend before Hannah was born for Amy's and Nate's wedding.  We got back home on Sunday, I spent Monday trying to get ready for Hannah, and then my water broke on Tuesday so I never got to upload any pics from the wedding.  I wanted to do another "This Time Last Year" post, but lost track of the days....Anyway, I didn't really get any good pics--lots of people's heads in front of the bride and groom and lots of bad coloring due to flash and dim lights and an inexperienced photographer.  So here are just a few....These are the last preggo belly pics of me! 

Hannah kicked right when Vicki went in for a belly feel, hence the shocked face.

The happy, beautiful couple!  I love the way she looks at him; it's so movie-like.


  1. ha ha! I have that same green dress! I wore it all the time.. it was my fave...


    That was June 1, 2009... a sweater because it's always freaking cold here in June. And this year it's cold in July, August... sigh.

  2. I love it!!! I left a comment there...not sure if you can get those or not??


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